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  1. I can't really remember how exactly I came up the name anymore. Seems like I was into a video game with ion cannons or something and I figured ioneater wouldn't be taken. That's all I've got for ya
  2. Just move to NW Texas a few months ago, near Pampa. Looking to start off road riding again, it's been a few years. Grateful to still have the bike, though! Anyone else up in the Top O' Texas?
  3. The plugs are definitely a booger to get out on these x-lite motors. The standard 5/8 is correct but the gasket sealing the plug recess at the valve cover may prevent the socket from being able to go all the way down do to its inner diameter being a little on the small side, leaving hardly any clearance for the socket to slide down past the gasket. It can be forced down if you have the room and leverage. Check the gap on the plug when you get it out as well. Mine was way too narrow compared to book specs. Here is a thread elsewhere that may help you somehow: http://www.cafehusky.com/threads/2010-txc-250-valve-adjustment.17188/
  4. I know where 2 of those would be parked if they were available here. Too bad, I think they would sell all of them if they were imported.
  5. I did not experience that "feeling" with South Bound Honda at all buying a CRF150R for the wife. Just another GI buying toys was the feeling I came away with. Man, I wish we had some euro bike competition for smaller cc's in US. The Everett based Husky dealer has taken very good care of me over the phone or otherwise.
  6. Alabama

    I'm interested as well. Looks like I'm moving to Huntsville this summer! Don't know the area very well but lots of spots showing up in the Where to Ride section. Alabama clay!
  7. Washington

    Neat stuff Joe! Thx for sharing!
  8. Gillies, That's an excellent informative post. Wish more were submitted in this manner. Even if you end up hating this bike after all your work, we can now see what and why. Optimistically, I bet you will end up tweaking it till it purrs. You seem like that kinda guy:thumbsup:
  9. x-lite's are shim under bucket. Cam(s) must be removed for an adjustment.
  10. Nope. Valves are shim UNDER bucket, requiring cam removal for adjustment. Not a huge deal once you have gotten into it the first time. Adjustments aren't required often on these for the average rider from what my dealer told me. http://www.cafehusky.com/threads/2010-txc-250-valve-adjustment.17188/
  11. I wonder if the OP's EFI bike is equally vulnerable to positive pressure flooding? I would think the regulator would compensate or prevent it but am not really sure.
  12. Might have more than just the top end to worry about if that happens. I've seen situations in other engines where having too much oil will also cause starvation damage. Oil level too high can cause aeration in the oil (foam) due to a stirring action and the pump is not good at pumping foam. Don't know if that's possible on this motor, though.
  13. Good work, teach. You past the tesst:busted: Waaaaay, too early to say anything but "I hope so". Daughter wants to do the Ironman this time!
  14. That term raises my hair.... in field of work that means "more deaths are exceptable". Except it's spelled analysis
  15. Washington

    Hey! I resemble that remark:busted: How's the 'Berg treating you, on another note?