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  1. Freeloader

    Headlight Kits

    Where can I find a headlight and tail light kit for a 2 stroke so it will be street legal? Thanks TT'ers!
  2. Freeloader

    Berthoud Hare Scramble Classes

    What's the differnce between Sportsman and Novice? also what age does the Senior class start at?
  3. Freeloader

    Berthoud Hare Scramble series

    I'm in where's Berthoud at? And can we go there and practice? One more question, are all the races ran on the same course?
  4. Freeloader

    Jetting ATC 250R

    Thanks, will do.
  5. Freeloader

    Jetting ATC 250R

    Hey I need a little help on jetting an 85 ATC 250R. It runs real rich and was wondering what jetting some of the locals are set at. Thaks guys. Oh almost forgot I live at 8000 ft. and have an FMF pipe on it.
  6. Freeloader

    Hunting season

    Please don't shoot the the bikers if they do piss you off! Camo is hard to see when riding. Good luck with your hunt!
  7. Freeloader

    New Enduro Organization.

    Count me in too!
  8. Freeloader

    Hare Sramble Results

    Can anyone ride these? Or is it too late to get in on them?
  9. Freeloader

    Thinking of moving to CO

    What about the theft??? While riding up on Webster, I had a chipmunk try to steal one of my gloves. And the discourtesy of the mountain goats hogging the best lines on the trail. I think I'll move too!!!
  10. Freeloader

    Thinking of moving to CO

    You won't like it here!!! Trails are too crowded, big mosquitos, no where to ride, and it snows every day at least 8 inches.
  11. Freeloader

    Calling all Colorado/Denver folk!

    Check out Idaho Spings/ Georgetown along I-70. Miles of trails, Tommyknocker Brewpub, great camping or hotels even a hot spring. Make sure you bring good maps, lots of H2O and sunscreen. Have fun!!
  12. Freeloader

    Colorado 500

    I agree with OWENLO, How does one get invited???? Also could we get a trail layout to ride on our own?
  13. Freeloader

    Looking for Riding Buddies!!!

    We Ride alot of trails. I'd be willing to ride with ya. I ride trails, not tracks and will go almost anywhere.
  14. Freeloader

    Anybody going to Colorado this week?

    Hey, Let me know when your here, I'd like to ride with some of you. Hopefully I can get down there and check out some of the trails before youshow up.
  15. Freeloader

    Do you ride in lightning storms????

    What if I have a metal plate in my shoulder, does that make me more of a target for lightning?