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    84 xr500 question

    I am just about finished rebuilding the top end of my 83 XR500R engine. The piston is a wiseco 10.25:1, the valves and cam chain are from the local Honda dealer and I have gaskets from another rec dealer in town. My freind bored it out .020 and honed it for me as well as polished up the valve ports as the cast head is pretty rough. I will have spent about $500.00 CDN to complete it. I have been assured that it will run better than ever for years after this is done so I hope that is true. I really had no problem finding the parts I needed without bypassing local shops.
  2. big g

    NEW Tatoo

    I have a tattoo but haven't figured out how to post it yet... My wife has a smaller version of the same tattoo (anniversary present to each other).
  3. big g

    Xr 500 ?

    Did it also run rough after the wash? If it gets water in it will not likely idle for long. Did you look at the filter to see if it was drenched?
  4. big g

    83 xr500r users

    Thanks dude, I'll run it and see how it is with the current jetting. I will post the results when it is back together. I ride this beast in tight sand tracks often and it is very difficult to keep up to even 125 two strokes but in the larger tracks or pasture hills the only bike that keeps up is a KLX400R (in our group that is, we have no 450's). I wonder what the higher compression will actually do for me. Pretty good for a 22 year old bike nontheless.
  5. big g

    83 xr500r users

    Hey, I am new to this site and am wondering how many XR500R people are out there. I just got one to ease myself back into biking but there is not thread title for the 500, just all the rest. PS. My timing chain slipped and I am now rebuilding my engine. Any tips for performance upgrade while I am in there poking around? I have ordered a 10.25:1 piston but the rest of the parts are stock form.
  6. big g

    83 xr500r users

    Thansk for the info radar2512. I will be extra careful with the cam chain sprocket and head bolt installation. I am putting in a new cam chain so I don't want to buy another right away! I never thought about the jetting so I guess I had better look into it. Does anyone know what size I will probably need by going to 10.25: from 9:1? Thanks again.
  7. big g

    83 xr500r users

    Oh ya, one more thing. Would a 600 engine from a newer bike drop in?