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  1. http://putfile.com/pic.php?pic=3/8819405212.jpg&s=x11 http://putfile.com/pic.php?pic=3/8819410983.jpg&s=x11
  2. yes I will seed too! thanks
  3. Anyone record and seed the supercross race? I missed it nvm, will a mod delete this thread plz
  4. Peen

    how do you say 125

    Buck and a quarter I call them one-twenty-fives
  5. Peen

    Weight Of A 2 And 4 Stroke

    Im no expert, but I do think it would only because it would take more force to get the heavier one to same speed
  6. Says financing available. Pretty cool, why no KTM's though
  7. jetting jetting jetting jetting jetting etc...
  8. The "El-cheapo" BR8ES always run the best on my bikes, nice crisp response. EG's, never liked them at all. Before you foul a plug, pull it out and check it to see what it looks like. It should be Mocha brown in color. If its dark, its too rich, really white its too lean. Maybe you got debris in gas and clogged a jet also. Also, DONT try a different plug, try the ones you were using. A different type of plug isnt going to fix your problem especially if it was running decently before
  9. Peen

    2-strokes are coming back!

    They need some sound regulations for these 4-farts
  10. I have only been to sand lake, but SOB is really fun even though Sand Lake is tiny. Once I put in my 408 stroker 500hp/500tq I will have to check out other dunes with some paddles
  11. Peen

    Has anyone seen any mag reviews for the 06?

    Sometimes mag reviews are right. I mean in the 01 shoot out they were spot on! I rode them all, they said the 01 cr 125 sucked ass, guess what it sucked!! all though they said 01 125 had not much low end, but mine ripped! I like mag reviews though, gives you an idea and some bathroom reading
  12. Oh ya, Broncos and Blazers these years are TOTALLY different. A bronco is pretty much a heavy duty jeep that looks WAY better. A bronco is a much better wheeler, I know tons of trails a blazer would never make it through because too wide and big
  13. Do you go to SOB?? I go every year!!