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  1. Does jet numbers eg. main #160 or #170 have any kind mechanical dimension, or is it just a kind of measurement result? Anyway ...have some too small jets and there might be reuse for them.
  2. Ti Powercore looks very interesting... Anyway it was tested in December Dirt Rider and measured noise was 93.7dB. Does anybody know with or w/o noise damper? DRD SA or Ti powercore to select...comments? Somewhere mentioned that Ti Powercore very thin. Where I can get slip on of DRD SA? TX, MK
  3. Hello, Can I update my -04 WR450F to operate as YZ450F. It seems to be so that WR has lack of torgue at low RPM compared to YZ, why? Can I do something to run WR better or the way as YZ? -Kime