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  1. DrMark

    Mallet Finger question Dr Mark

    If I was operating on someone's finger, and there were screws placed previously, Id take them out when I was in there just so I wouldn't have to do another operation later. '
  2. DrMark

    Mallet Finger question Dr Mark

    I have done dozens of mallet finger surgeries. Usually the splint works. Was it on 24/7 or were your casual with its use?
  3. DrMark

    Screws in finger Question Dr Mark

    I take out these screws and loosen up the joints when stiffness does not improve with PT
  4. Hello Mr. Mark. My name is Sergio. I am 28 years old.

    I would like to apologize for the long text.

    I am an Olympic weightlifting athlete, and a motorcross enthusiast and exactly a year ago (5/11/2018) I injured my wrist after an intense training session. I was diagnosed via MRI with partial TFCC tear in my right (dominant) wrist. A regular orthopedic told me to rest and ice it, take NSAIDs and start conventional Physiotherapy. This approch was totally ineffective. So a teammate suggested me to visit a Chiropractor which I did twice/week. After 1½ month sessions I started to notice quite an improvement and after the therapy completion he told me that my wrist will not improve further and the next step was surgery or regenerative injections (PRP / stem cells).

    Long story short, I rested it further more. I gave my wrist time and until this September my wrist was about 80% (I was able to do push ups with ease) and getting pain only in supination position with moderate weight on the palm. This could be excellent for a pensioner with daily usage but not for a 28 year old Olympic weighlifting athlete like me. My goal is to reach it as close as possible to 95%.
    The funny part comes when I decided to try PRP as a last resort to a wrist specialised doctor. He requested a 2nd MRI arthrogram before the PRP sessions to make sure that the tear was intact, and it was.

    The first injection was 1st of October with lots of pain for a week which was expected. After 10 days the pain reduced. The 2nd injection was 20th of October and tomorrow is the 3rd (I am wearing a brace for a week after each injection). My biggest concern is that after the injections my wrist is feeling worse. Pain levels and symptoms returned to -a couple of weeks after injury- level. I start to feel desperate and disappointed, since I am very very skeptical and suspicious about surgery results.

    So I have 2 questions: Is this normal? Should I expect long term improvement ?

    I really would love to hear from you. Thank you a lot for your time!

    Best regards,


  5. DrMark

    Elbow felt like it exploded Dr Mark!

    Biceps are triceps rupture.
  6. DrMark

    Ruptured ACL second time...

    You might visit Mr. Adrian Wilson. His practice is called Hampshire Knee
  7. DrMark

    Ruptured ACL second time...

    Find someone to do a competent revision ACLR and not remove anymore meniscus. Perhaps you should visit me for a couple of days. At least you will be back on the bike post haste.
  8. DrMark

    Son's Broken Collarbone

    It can be reduced but it will pop right up. I can reliably get it perfect with an anterior plate and screws.
  9. Hi Dr. Mark,

    Long high-side after hitting a deer at fast speed.  Comminuted right side collarbone.  Ortho pieced it together and plated it.

    After six weeks, I noticed that the inside edge of the plate was tenting a few millimeters when I layed down flat (and it still does now, at nine weeks post op).  These x-rays are six weeks post op.  I'm told it's fine, and I can be active, but no "overhead activity".

    Does it look ok at six weeks?



    1. DrMark


      Im a little worried that there are only two screws in the medial fragment.  If it is still hurting, I am thinking that is isn't healing.

      What part of the world are you from?

    2. 2010ktm


      Me too!  Is that gap going to fill in?  I am in San Jose, California.  I am running daily now.  The whole shoulder area is a little stiff/tender (getting better), but I wouldn't say the collarbone itself is hurting.  When I lightly run my finger across the front of the medial region, it's not sore.  So it sounds like that's a good sign. 

      I was spooked about the plate tenting a few millimeters every time I lay down on my back.  So we got these x-rays to rule out any loose screws.  Please let me know your thoughts.  

      Thank you so much for the response!  I know you're a busy man. 


    3. 2010ktm


      Two new images today.  Unfortunately, the angled shot is not consistent with the first angled shot that really shows the medial fragment.  Can you tell if I'm out of the woods with these photos?



  10. DrMark

    Question for Dr.Mark Plated Pubic bone

    Assuming that the tallywacker is working fine, this should turn out ok. Some residual back pain can be expected. What does you doctor say?
  11. DrMark

    I'm effed up

    I have seen few arthro surgeries on the TFCC in which the person was actually any better when it was all over.
  12. You cant be dogmatic if you want to stay in the business. One has to follow the evidence. Even if you don't initially like it.
  13. DrMark

    Getting metal placed in your body ? READ !

    I can’t say very much because of privacy laws. I suspect that I would have told a rider that I wanted to repair rather than replace the knee. (Metal place for that operation can be removed at 90 days). It seemed you had several failed total knees. I can’t say why. Metal sensitivity is always an unlikely diagnoses, but is always talked about because patients and docs want to lay the blame for their decisions elsewhere.
  14. The plantar fascia is torn. It will heal, but will heal in a lengthened position, no matter what. I don't think that a CAM walker offers as much protection as an MX boot. So I would have it if it were my foot. And I'm 61 too.
  15. DrMark

    Total Knee Replacement

    I allow my patients to continue riding with a brace after a TKA with the admonition that they are no longer teenagers or 20somethings