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  1. I typically buddy tape and don’t worry much about it. You should listen to your doctor.
  2. Old farts don't typically want or need the metal out. Younger, skinnier, and more athletic people almost always do.
  3. Hey doc,


    I just wanted to know, how much does it cost in total for clavicle corrective osteotomy ?


    I also have my x-ray's available.


    1. DrMark


      I would be unable to tell you without seeing your X-rays.

      You could email me a screen shot of them at Sandersclinic@comcast.net

      or send them to me snail mail at  

      Mark Sanders MD FACS

      4126 Southwest Freeway Suite 1730

      Houston, Texas, 77024


      Where are you from?

    2. Oussama Boudaa

      Oussama Boudaa

      Canada, added some here.


      First two are from last may, last two are from 2012.


      Thanks again doc.

      RX CLAVICULE - GAUCHE 0003.jpg

      RX CLAVICULE - GAUCHE 0004.jpg

      17 DECEMBER 2012 (PT2).jpg

      17 DECEMBER 2012.jpg

    3. DrMark


      The drive out cost, inclusive of all services to fix this is USD 26,500.  This includes EVERYTHING

  4. email me at sandersclinic@comcast.net and I will send you the PDF I don't recommend any particular brand. It would be unethical.
  5. after 15 months, I would get an X-ray ($45) to determine if you already have arthritis
  6. There are at least two ligaments that are torn. You need to see a doctor and get an X-ray.
  7. Knee braces aren't perfect. The results of the study, however, speak for themselves.
  8. Hello Dr. Mark!

    My name is Max, I'm 22 years old and live in California. I have lots of trail riding experience, but recently rode my first, and likely last, MX track. I broke my right clavicle.

     The doctor told me that surgery is not required, but I am hesitant to accept this advice. Can you examine these pictures?  They are 2 weeks, 3 days post injury. If you think I'm a candidate for surgery, I'd be interested in having you plate it, but please give me an honest answer; I am very scared of long term consequences. 

    Thanks Dr. , 


    Clav 1.jpg

    Clav 2.jpg

    Clav 3.jpg

    Clav Info.jpg

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    2. DrMark


      If you want it done right, email Mike in my office at mburton@sandersclinic.net to get the ball rolling.

    3. maxkeg


      If that's not the truth about Kaiser. I will send Mike an email tomorrow. 

      How bad is this fracture, and is it displaced or overlapped?

      What are some of the risks of letting it heal in this position? I will say that I have had very little pain and no loss of ROM, but I am not sure if this is even a positive sign.

    4. DrMark


      My F'ed up clavicle was like your and its healed, but I can do lateral raises and dumbbell bench press with two times the weights on the other side.  If a couch potatoe has this, they tolerate it fine.  It doesn't work so well for our type of guys.  The problem is not with range of motion is with strength.  The muscles attaching are no longer at their normal resting tension.

  9. I have no reason to implicate the radial head here. The elbow isn't perfect, but neither is a grinding operation or an interposition arthroplasty. I would do whatever it took to get motion back, and leave it like that. A supple elbow with some arthritis is pretty functional in a young person, and the alternatives are worse.
  10. I did. At least have of us have.
  11. I would be more likely to cut the anterior capsule to gain extension, debride the spurs and or loose bodies, that are preventing flexion, and doing a similar procedure on the posterior capsule, leaving the articular cartilage alone, without interposition of some thing in between the bones. The recovery is speedier, and you don't burn any bridges as you would in an interposition arthroplasty.
  12. Excision of the radial head isn't an interposition arthroplasty. That's comparing a BB gun with a nuclear bomb. Why don't you post a picture of the arm with the elbow as extended as possible and bent as much as possible.
  13. It really doesn't look that bad. What is your range of motion. An acceptable ROM is 30 degrees of fixed flexion to anything over 130 degrees
  14. I would be extremely surprised if that heals in a cast.
  15. Post the X-ray. Real world decisions are based on the X-ray.