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  1. The Milk Man

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    What did you make that out of? I like it!!
  2. The Milk Man

    Converting (S) to (SM)

    Like I said... it'll still be plenty fun, but it definitely changes the geometry from optimal. I think this is something we can all agreed on!!! I was merely suggesting a good tire on the 21/18 combo is much cheaper and just as capable. However, the cool factor of the 17s isn't comparable I'm digging the all white!!! Looks good!!!
  3. The Milk Man

    Quick mpg check

    47.3 sounds about right. I was averaging a little over 50mpg on my all stock '13 Smodel. I just did the 3x3 and rejet so I assume I'll lose a little MPG, but gain a few SmilesPerGallon
  4. The Milk Man

    Converting (S) to (SM)

    Also putting 17s on the S model is going to mess up the suspension geometry. Without swapping over to the SM triple tree/forks the trail is going to be off. Don't get me wrong, it'll still be plenty fun, but you can probably have just as much fun and go just as fast on a good set of tires for the 21/18 wheels. I bought another set of stock wheels(under $400) to run some street friendly rubber on and use the other set for knobbies.
  5. The Milk Man

    Some pics of my XR650R

    yep, kinda a hasssle until i get my other front brake setup, so i dont have to keep switching out the caliper relocation bracket
  6. The Milk Man

    Some pics of my XR650R

    Heres some pics of my XR650R Supermoto. Mines the one with the black wheels and Max's has the silver ones. Damn cats Me and my goofy self Look at the BlinG bi@tch
  7. The Milk Man

    DRZ-SM two up??

    Who here has ridden two up on their DRZ400sm?? If so how was it? I would only do this for short trips around town. Is there anything to make it better, like the suzuki gel seat. Thanks
  8. The Milk Man

    Street Tard- Riding two up??

    So I should probably look into the DRZ400SM. I see that it comes with passenger pegs stock. Thanks
  9. The Milk Man

    Street Tard- Riding two up??

    Nah, man. I plan on racing this thing to, but it will see street use, and the occasional two up, mainly just around town though. I'm coming off of a ZX6R that I race w/ WERA. The motard is going to be a daily toy, but it will see the track and trails often
  10. The Milk Man

    Street Tard- Riding two up??

    I want it to still be able to do a good amount of off road use when its just me. I'm getting out of road racing right now. I think i'm leaning toward and XR650R
  11. The Milk Man

    Street Tard- Riding two up??

    Hey guys, i'm looking into getting a street motard hopefully this fall. I was just wondering if anyone has ridden two up on something like a XR650, yz426, etc, and how they handled. The wife occasionaly likes to ride on the back, so what bikes can handle two up riding. I know I would have to find some aftermarket pegs for some bikes. Thanks in advance