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  1. grow some fu(kin balls dave why did you mod your L whats the point you could just sheer a suzuki swift in half and probably get the same handeling with a bit more acceleration and top end get a clue mate and a radiator while your at it
  2. yeah you should have got an L that way no one would have even tryed to steal it, they may have even taken pity on you and left preformance enhancing mods and maybe if your lucky a radiator on your door step. a word off advice (i dont know what its like where you live) but you just cant trust anyone but your close mates, as soon as word gets out that you have a shed full of bikes you gotta keep a team of eastons just to get peice of mind (or a peice of would be thief). most of the times bikes get stolen its not just a smash and grab affair DONT TAKE THIEVES FOR CHUMPS, theyre not. stoping crime is all about prevention in these matters. sorry for going off mate you probably dont want to hear it but whenever i hear about this shit i think about my own bike gettin stolen. btw did you have insurance against this??? did you have
  3. what sort of modifying??? anything serious or all pretty straight foward stuff???
  4. hey guys was just wondering if a 98 xr100 could have its plastics swaped with a crf cheers
  5. yeah well living on a coastal plain i wouldnt get much of a chance to ride on terrain like that. heres an idea if your going that slow why dont you just get off and fu(king walk.
  6. if your after a scientific reasoning as to why pump gas should not be used gas contains much smaller chains of the hydrocarbons similar to those found in kerosene the consequences of this is that the fuel vapourizes at a far lower temprature than kero some as low as -20C these chains with a low vapourization co-efficient will be far more harsh on the foam and as some ppl have mentioned glue in the airfilter leading to a shorter life of the air filter (but if i was stuck with nothing else to use id use it) as for chains i dont think i would be using pump gas on an o-ring chain you would probably increase its life if you just didnt clean it and used peanut butter and jelly to lube it.
  7. i dont know how slow your talking through these trails but unless your bike is stationary or rolling slowly. i doubt the fans will have any effect at all even the big fans on car rads stop doing anything usefull at about 40kmph so i dont see any point in what your suggesting but anyway if you feel like wasting some time go for it
  8. what do you mean some day the L was a prize antique the day it was released
  9. good work zac keep us up to date
  10. i own an rgv and im only into xr's with an r on the end
  11. thats cause you ride it the way every xr650l rider rides his bike
  12. who cares all id see is two peices of shit with no radiators!!!
  13. the man wants to know something why are you bitching just tell himits not like hes gonna be doin it to your bike