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  1. erik b

    Magnesium clutch cover on 05/06 DR Z400's

    Just got my LTZ "recall" letter and it seems to be specific to the 05-06 LTZ 400. No mention of the DRZ at all. Actually they are not calling it a recall, but they will replace the magnesium cover with aluminum, makes me glad I didn't hurry out and replace mine on my own dime.
  2. erik b

    Best Suzuki quad prices

    Exactly how much feedback were you expecting from a forum with month old topics still on the first page. This is not the place to ask a quad related question and expect a quick answer. Beyond that good luck and have fun. Check if you've got the magnesium water pump covers (don't know with the DVX) and make sure you've got no corrosion issues. There a threads here and z400central covering the issue on 05 and later Z's.
  3. erik b

    Rev Box

    Vortex is the only 05-06 specific (ie 3d) box available currently that I am aware of.
  4. erik b

    05-06 LTZ400 TPS adjsutment

    Did you go search the damn DRZ forum like I told you to. That is where the motor tech will be found. I'm still not really understanding why you did anything with the tps while changing jetting.
  5. erik b

    05-06 LTZ400 TPS adjsutment

    Go to the DRZ forum and use the search function. (it's the "same" motor and that's where the good tech is) Buy a factory service manual it will save you much agony in the long run. If you are to cheap to get a manual for an almost 6000 dollar toy, which would help prevent mistakes like removing the TPS rather than unplugging it to rejet then perhaps you should rethink your priorities of get cheaper toys so you can afford the manual.
  6. erik b

    New bike good deal??

    Funny that as a Bronze member you hadn't noticed the bias against quads around here. Since the z and drz basically share the same motor the best place for any engine Tech related questions is upstairs in the well populated DRZ forum. Quad tech specific questions will general go unanswered for the most part. Quad questions will almost always be answered by quadracer23 at least once. A search of the forum will show that there have been some questions in the past about the accuracy of some of his recomendations, but he cares and he's trying, and his consitent answer to go to z400central is correct. The Z is California compliant, of course it's jetted on the lean side of things. Some amount of power is to be gained by opening up the airbox and re-jetting its worth is up for debate. When you do get around to modding and jetting or just jetting replace the float bowl screws with allen heads because you will strip them. Eddie (Burned) had not seen any case erosion problems on anything coming through his shop so the actual incidence of problems may be not that high. That being said it is cheap insurance to change the coolant out. Good luck,they are a fun quad. Erik
  7. erik b

    New bike good deal??

    03 had some frame issues as mentioned. check all bearings and linkages, wheel bearings seemed to have come with minimal grease from factory its basically a drz400 motor so put in an mcct after puchasing it, I imagine the primary nut and starter should also be torqued after purchase but these are not things that you can inspect prior to buying typically. they don't really have that many issues beyond the frame and it seems most of the frame problems happened for those that lived at the track or chased big air this ain't the place to ask about quad stuff if you want responses z400central.com
  8. erik b

    Racing Quads

    bike fenders actually work if the track is the least bit muddy. tracks i ride are optimized for bikes bikes seem to beat you up less
  9. erik b


    fake cashiers check, bank honors it initially, you release bike, bank demands their money back, you = :owned: bigtime fake cashiers check, bank honorsit initially, give shipper the money, bank demands money back before bike ships, you get bike back but not shipping/excess funds, you= :owned:
  10. erik b

    05 ltz 400 valve clearences

    http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=292029&highlight=valve+clearances its essentially a DRZ engine. for engine tech see the DRZ forum for quad specific tech go z400central.
  11. erik b

    MCCT just not gettin the piont?

    I think the automatic cam chain stretcher has been known to work a little to well in the LTZ's, for whatever reason (insert debate of you choice here) though the majority of the quads guys go MCCT, whats that. I got my Machinist shortlty before TT started selling their less expensive version(bastards all of em)
  12. erik b

    would i be disapointed...

    tt is not really the best place to ask quad related questions. Probably get a much better response at z400central.com however as near as I can tell the drz forum is the place to get your motor tech info. Disappointed... probably not 05 has many refinements but is essentially the same machine, unless you were REALLY using the 05's better shock package.
  13. erik b

    suspension settings

    Sounds like it's suspended for much more aggresive riding than you do. That being said, I'd back off the clickers a bit, realizing that jumps are no longer your friend. I know the factory setting was way soft on mine for the track, although the ride was super plush.
  14. erik b

    Sad, sad, sad...

    What more would have the manufacturers do. They sticker the crap out them. EVERY new quad purchase by the big 5 and maybe even the little guys gets you a free pass to training. Mandatory IQ tests for idiot parents won't fly. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make em drink. Bikes are self limiting you're 6 year old physically can't start/ride a crf 450 and you wouldn't want them to even if they "could" because you are a responsible adult and understand what could happen with that amount of power on tap. However that same six year old could get on a 700 cc 500+lb quad and zoom himself off to never never land inthe blink of an eye but you wouldn't let them because you are a responsible adult and understand what could happen with that amount of power on tap. THERE IS NOTHING IN THE WORLD THAT THE MANUFACTURERS CAN DO TO PREVENT DEATHS CAUSED BY IDIOT PARENTS. AND THEY SHOULDN'T ITS JUST UNFORTUNATE DARWIN CAN'T GET THEM INSTEAD OF THEIR INNOCENT CHILDREN.
  15. erik b

    Sad, sad, sad...

    I'll just about garandammtee that quad had a half dozen stickers on it saying to never ride double, not to ride it if under 16, and to alway wear a helmet. If that didn't clue the parents in then I don't know what would have. Stupid parents sometimes end up with dead kids. Sad but true. The beauty of bikes is that they are self limiting. The problem with quads and 3-wheelers in the day is that they are not. Since it balances itself when not moving it must be safe to put your 80 pound kid on a 500+lb quad without a helmet, right. Stupid parents