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  1. hornett22

    1998 XR 400r rear wheel needed

    how about a xr 250 or xr 600? please help!
  2. if one from a 250 or 600 works that's fine too.860-916-3290 steve
  3. hornett22

    looking for place to ride in CT.

    as soon as i get this thing back together.
  4. hornett22

    98 xr 400

    sorry for the double post.
  5. hornett22

    98 xr 400 swingarm or rear axle assy

    also need the kick start arm assy.anyone have a parts bike ?
  6. i need one or the other.would even take the rear wheel.also off another model that fits.thanks
  7. hornett22

    98 xr 400

    i need a rear axle assembly or swingarm assembly. anyone have one for sale? my cell is 860-916-3290