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  1. sprint-98

    hanging idle

    thanks for all the tips.heres where i am now.dropped the needle to the 2nd notch from top.starts instantly,runs great out around the block.i'll see how it does in the woods next week.the adjustment screw is out 1/2 turn. thanks again,we'll keep going till we get it.
  2. sprint-98

    hanging idle

    when you say drop the clip,do you mean that we are raising the needle?
  3. sprint-98

    Split this forum?

    great idea.i spend a lot of the looking at s problems which lots of time are of no interest to me.
  4. sprint-98

    hanging idle

    coast enricher not on.
  5. sprint-98

    hanging idle

    have a 2003 drz400e-air box mod.,drilled exhaust,jetted with DJ (per their specs) bike runs great with the exception of non-consistent hanging idle.will run w/o hanging for maybe an hour,then the idle will start to hang.this is a real pain in slow rocky sections.sometimes the hanging will go away for a while,but always comes back.rode 200 mile on Hatfield/McCoy last wkend with no problem.went out today & guess what? IT'S back. HELP, sprint-98
  6. sprint-98

    DRZ400E - Need info for picking mods

    bought a 2003 drz about 3 mos.ago.about the only good thing about it is the electric start.the screwing around to get the carb right is a pain in the a--. i am 70 years old & just do a lot of tight woods riding & therefore rely on engine braking,an idle that will return consistently,no hesitation.that stupid air adjustment is a nightmare.going out wed.with new changes.hope for the best.rode my dr350 for 10 yrs.&never one problem.i think the jap engineers are still po'd about hiroshimo. keep the shiny side up sprint-98