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  1. moto_xxx

    Murray's Double Flip Double Crash

    Nah...not true....Just have respect for anyone trying to go that big! I think its great
  2. Cant post mine cuz Im not ridin a bike!
  3. moto_xxx

    Murray's Double Flip Double Crash

    Yeah he deserves to get hurt for sacking up and trying it. You should post your video of you trying a double back.......
  4. moto_xxx


    Put some 100 spoke daytons on that badboy! BLING BLING!
  5. moto_xxx

    Running from the Cops

    Wait a minute. You are the same one bitching on another thread about how wrong it is to be on the road and how it gets our areas closed down. ***!
  6. moto_xxx

    Murray's Double Flip Double Crash

    So now if your not in a freestyle comp you aint S***. Oh and if hes not landing it 3/4 of the time that means he IS landing it 1/4 of the time which is a tad better than most of us on here Im sure!
  7. moto_xxx

    Need Pics Of Pastranas Bike

    Hahaha Stalker!!!
  8. moto_xxx

    Murray's Double Flip Double Crash

    Its funny how people on here are so quick to rag on someone. One trick wonder....This guy can bust a lot of shit..Look into it! Skills or stupid??? So I guess trying to take it to another level is stupid. I guess everyone that tries crazy shit on this site is stupid. The ghostrider post was stupid because he is on public roadways. Why is this guy stupid. Good on him for takin it up a notch!
  9. No skills???? ***! Lets see you do that shit. I think its bad ass! Keep it up!!!
  10. moto_xxx

    Make your own comments on this

    MAD SKILLS...I think that shit is awesome. Drink and ride!!
  11. moto_xxx

    Trailers are for wussies!

    I think its pretty crafty. Why use a trailer if you dont mind F***ing up your car???
  12. moto_xxx

    the 2 stroke picture thread

    Two strokes rule the world??? HAHAHAH OK!! (Sarcastic)
  13. moto_xxx

    Suzuki Top End Video

    Ill just get my Chimpanzee to do it.....Wish I only had a two stroke top end to do!