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    Wheel Bearings for 06 CRF450 w/ Talon Hubs

    Thanks for your help. I emailed Pivot Works and got this reply in case anyone else has the same question. "We do offer wheel bearings for Talon hubs. The front kit PWFWK-Z01-000 retails for $19.95 and the rears PWRWK-Z01-000 run $21.95. We currently have both kits in stock. Motosport is a big distributor of our parts so you can go through them or order off our web site either way we can take care of those wheel bearings for you."
  2. I have an 06 CRF450R but it has Excel rims w/ Talon hubs I got off motosport in 2007. It needs new wheel bearing for the front & back. Its has a different size bearings than stock. I called motosport and just they said they don't carry them anymore. Anyone know what size & where to get them? Thanks