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  1. darcangelo2005

    '05 250SXF same as '06?

    i heard that some of the early ones had con rod troubles, that was quickly fixed!?
  2. darcangelo2005

    How is everybody liking their 250sxf's

    you seem to be the only one complaining about it, there are lots of riders that have moved from red to orange and love the bike, what probs were u getting before and after revalves, what do you weigh
  3. darcangelo2005

    ktm 2006 competition kits???

    i think he said, graffics, front race plate, grips, air filter, rear panel/fender combo, good luck
  4. darcangelo2005

    250sxf dyno results

    ktm uk said that the 06 sxf has 39ponies motocross action said 36.5 your saying 32.9, i suppose i will be seeing sub thirty by the weekend
  5. darcangelo2005

    ktm 2006 competition kits???

    im sure i saw it in the tmx news when they tested the 06 range recently, but i binded it! i bought mine from sideways cycles dorset, i rang ian today and he said that the kits hadnt come through yet and if they dont arrive from ktm he would supply the kit from stock then reclaim it from ktm. but he said he neede to contact head office to find out exacly what to give.
  6. darcangelo2005

    ktm 2006 competition kits???

    Your right we are being ripped off i rang ktm uk about the comp kit again today and guess what, they said i had to speak to my dealer about it?!
  7. did any of you guys get a any extras with the bike like plastics etc, as before i bought my sxf i saw in the papers that you would get a competition kit, which comprised of graffix, full plastics, grips, air filter all free when you buy a 06 model, when i picked the bike up i was told that they hadnt come in and i would get them at a later date, he then said the kit was only graffix, front race plate and grips. i rang ktm uk to find out what i should get but they would not tell me, they said contact your dealer as it depends on what deal he gave you at the time! does any one know what i sould get?
  8. darcangelo2005

    compression release

    I Got Seven Hours On Mine Now And It Seems To Get Easier To Start Every Time, When I First Had It I Had An Mare Of A Time Starting It, Mine Always Takes 2/3 Kicks From Cold An When Shes Warm It Starts Every Time Around The Pits, Start Gates Etc. I Did Have Some Bother When I Dropped Her Half Way Through A Race Last Weekend. Compared To My Friends Kxf It Is Harder To Kick
  9. darcangelo2005

    My first ever ride on a KTM/SXF

    oil 1.1litres, one oil filter thats paper, two oil screens that are like nylon mesh which are cleanable. gearbox and engine oil are mixed. apparently the larger thumper filters will fit but dont use them as there not the same
  10. darcangelo2005

    My first ever ride on a KTM/SXF

    hi, ive got one with about five hours on it and like you said it get better and faster every time i ride it, i just got of a 125sx and its on a different planet, it also starts very well, i lowered the fork oil 15mm and it made a big difference i also added a few clicks of rebound front and back and switched to 18mm ofset which worked well for me. 170lbs awsome machine!
  11. hi, just run in the bike last week [06sxf250] and turned up to race on sunday the track was very rough with never ending braking an accelerating bumps, the front of the bike seamed to ride up over the bumps in a pecking fashion, th e rear seamed to absorb more also there was a large table top which always seemed to kick the front high? my last bike was a ktm125/04. im 80kg with kit and even though both bikes are designed for 70/80kg i would just bottom the 125 on the big stuff, not the case with the 250. does the bike need more breaking in? 4hrs use?