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  1. after previous owner screwed me new top end cam chain , tensioner, rings, new head and cam, rebuilt brakes, half custom half baja designs dual sport kit and now pirelli tires still not done but close thanks to lots of help from tt anyway look at my garage and tell me what you think thanks.
  2. so after i rebuilt motor from the rings up bike would not start. has fuel spark air compression. After checking and rechecking valves i realized right exhaust was open alot. since i had to replace the head and the cam i thought the auto decompression on the cam was to blame. so i removed the rocker from the head and used a dremel and cut the tab off of the rocker and the bike starts better than ever before. first kick no matter what. my question is has anyone else had this problem? i was about to lose my mind and was desperate..
  3. finished my 96 xr after new cam chain and tensioner thanks from all the help on here. got my plates and have been riding for 3 days. all of a sudden the bike dies and makes a horrible noise. well cam chain skipped a tooth and piston was slamming into the valves. needless to say i need a head and a cam the tech at the dealership says the mains where the cam rides ar too worn and is causing the chain skip. has anyone heard of this? and would anyone have a head for sale
  4. the carb needs rebuilt because float is sticking. is there anything i should check while im in there? i also need a throttle cable and handlebar control for it where can i find a kit for the mikuni pumper
  5. would anyone have a stock slip on laying around also what jets would be needed for stock exhaust in a mikuni pumper( bought the bike with it installed which is why i dont know) cash in hand
  6. the previous owner already had it bored over which is why i think the rings are bad he didnt know what he was doing/didnt break in properly so i dont know exactly where its at now as in how bored over. so if it has to go more i was going to put a more restrictive quieter exaust because the xr's i have isnt street legal evan after removing discs. will this exhaust with more compression put too much stress on the top end? ive been maintenancing my own vehicles since i was young but this is new. im excited to learn just want to do it right i appreciate all your help!!!
  7. i changed to oil today to see why the bike was knocking and it turns out the rings are bad and theres piston slap. the fuel in the oil was what told me. what is the difficulty in doing rings/honing of the cylinder. i know i can do it and have the tools and resources just wondering on anyones past experience with this
  8. yes and it shows just fine im gonna replace oil filter and change oil and see if there is a difference
  9. i just now noticed a knock in the motor. it sounds higher up but is too loud to be a valve it sounds more serious. i just recently bought the bike so i dont know if the the lubrication system is working. i checked the check bolt and i cant tell whether or not oil is level with the case anyone have this happen before? know what it could be? thanx my email is