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  1. They do NOT know.
  2. 450x follows 450r development.
  3. Used 125 2-stroke
  4. That will make it better than perfect up there...
  5. ummm...return them and run stock? I wouldnt run those things in the first place, but thats just me...
  6. Anodized! sorry... Anyone have pics to see what kinda typical wear you got going?? dP
  7. I was thinking about getting a set of black excel rims for my Honda 450, but wanted to know how your KTM wheels are holding up? (since they come stock on your guys' bike) -Do they scratch easily? -Does the paint come off the first tire change? -Are you guys happy with them so far? -Anyone have any PICS online that I can see? Granted you are buying painted wheels and have to be a little more careful with them, but I wondering if they are still holding up to expectations. Thanks! dP C/N: How are your black wheels holding up to everyday riding and tire changes?
  8. Seems silly to replace it that often (expense wise) CRFs have a cam chain tensioner as well, FYI.
  9. I saw an ad in for a focus group in the Orange County Register for mx racers. Anyone else see this or is anyone going? Wonder what its about! "Attention Motorcycle Enthusiasts - earn $150 cash for your opinions Long Beach Market Research Firm seaking motorcycle owners whocompete in MX competitions (model yr 2004-2006) to participate in a market research study. Earn $150 for 2 hrs of your time. Call (800) 308-3575 ext 117 - contact Dorene
  10. Mammoth 05 Vet Weekend