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  1. FliPmxRider

    $7.50 to fill up my crf450!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    eh, stop your babbling, welcome to cali
  2. FliPmxRider

    street bike deaths

    in california, all riders under 21 must take the MSF class
  3. FliPmxRider

    street bike deaths

    eh, i learned to ride road bikes when i was 12 on an OLD GSX-r since then, ive been riding stuff like ducati 750's and have actually ridden a hayabusa, their powerful, but i dont like them do to the lack of control from the length of the bike i love that rule that australia has where you have to start on a 250, but i believe when your alowwed to ride a 250 is at 14 years old i have plenty experience for the bike im buying which is a suzuki GS 500
  4. FliPmxRider

    street bike deaths

    eh, its hella dangerous il tell you that, but il still be buyign one the day i hit 15 and a half
  5. looks nice....but too far, atleast i have hungry valley, AV fairgrounds, LACR, and Glen helen all within a 30 minute drive from my house
  6. FliPmxRider

    6EXY Mo FO!!!

    ughh...too bad i would pay too much for insurance for an R6..and if it wasnt a 3 grand difference from what i want, i would be all over an R6
  7. FliPmxRider

    Getting a bike onto a ute

    ute's are lower than elcaminos if your bike is big enough, put the front wheel up against the tail gate, and give it gass until the front wheel gets onto the tailgate, then just do the same for the rear
  8. corporate avenger's GF owns you all, and he has a pic of her on a fiddy, but il let him post that
  9. FliPmxRider

    Anyone wanna see a lardass loop a 230?

    tell him he doesnt even qualify to be a &%$#@!, if he dresses more like me hell be a &%$#@!...i mean comon, hes wearing a drunken monkey shirt, ive never seen a black man wear a drunken monkey shirt, if he wants to be &%$#@!, then he better buy some shaka's or some pro club's good vid btw
  10. FliPmxRider

    STP Octane Booster

    lol, il tell you this, you better back out the idle screw a little, back before the days when i had race gas, i used dale earnhardt octane booster, which raised my gas to 101 octane, and in my two stroke mini bike, the revs rose dramatically, to a point where as soon as i put it in gear, it wanted to go
  11. FliPmxRider

    Best Desert Bike?

    maybe he cant take care of his 650?
  12. FliPmxRider

    How to: Arched fender stickers?

    the local shop makes stickers like that for a dollar a piece...i would just do that
  13. FliPmxRider

    Top Speed

  14. ummm, would be kinda pointless considering you can buy one for 250$ with a 50 cc motor and 3 speed semi auto tranny