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    Post videos of hard technical traiLs here

    Whangdoodle Trail, Video shows last mile of trail. Steep and rocky, bike overheated a couple of times and so did the rider! Trail is in Secesh area in Idaho. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aok1skycerE&list=UUeGdUN_dbOL3AIhg6lmkYkQ

    big willow closure

    Now I see the picture...your "Carl's" friend...so no point on continueing this...it's like talking to the wall. BTW I'm not friends with Lockner, just a guy that lives in the area and loves to ride...loved clay peak years past, thought it has gone down hill since Tag took it over and than Carl really screwed it up....sucks cause it has potential. Maybe the way it is now isn't great but it's 100% better than the last 4 yrs.

    big willow closure

    I was at the meetings also and one of my good friends is now staying at Clay Peak and he is keeping things running good. I also know what is going on but I don't have my head in the sand and complain about things I can't control.

    big willow closure

    Wow 450XJimDirt....Why don't you just tell it how it is...or should I say what your opinion is. BTW how many people got hurt at Big Willow or any other place? TONS So didn't give me the crap about Boyer laying there for hrs...he knew the risk and its the same risk you and I have everytime we jump on our bikes. Hey and guess what, Boyer is back on a bike and guess where he rides? So get off your high horse about Clay Peak and maybe give it a chance...or better yet stay away! We don't want you around!

    big willow closure

    Clay Peak is now open/free and you will be pleased with what they have planned...They now have a panel of 6-7 guys that are fully involved in making Clay Peak a great place to ride. If fact one of the guys now lives out there and is a member here on TT (KAWY110)...some of you guys might know him. Anyway look for favorable things in the future; free watered/groomed mx track, winter track and they are trying to bring back the WORCS races. The track has been changed, even local pro Kamo say's it flows way better than the old track. They are working out the water issues right now but they should have that fixed in the near future. It will be a great place to ride this fall/winter/spring. BTW I still miss Big Willow, if you knew it well you could ride 35miles of single track in the gullies....some day we'll get it back.

    Any Idaho guys know about this?

    http://www.ktvb.com/news/localnews/stories/ktvba-aug2609-dirt_bike_fatal.11ac2be00.html RIP!
  7. We have 189FBS and love it. We are a small family of 3 so it fits us perfect...it's a little small at times but we spend 90% out side riding and just use it for sleeping. I've had it for 2 full years and it's been great, no problems at all. Pics... http://snowman.smugmug.com/gallery/2626742_kWfYT#138644882_zTTGa

    Unabiker Radiator Guards fit

    OK I guess my Idaho education showed it's true colors. In the instructions it says to "place guard between radiator and frame of the bike." Key word being BETWEEN!!!!! Guess what, it bolted right up after I correctly installed it. I don't need no stink'n instructions! :smirk:

    Unabiker Radiator Guards fit

    I'm I the only one that had issues with the shrouds not fitting correctly after the install of the guards? I've always used Works Connections rad guards on my other bikes but thought I'd give Unabiker a try. Boy I wish I didn't. The bottom shroud bolt will not fit. Works Connection gave you a spacer and a longer bolt so you wouldn't have to hack the crap out of your shrouds. What did you guys do?

    Photo of my KLX - let's see yours...

    Couple KLXs out play'n today....in Idaho

    BIG NASTY whos going

    Count me in.... Nothing like the smell of Nitro Burning Harley's in the morning......

    Big Nasty Hillclimb


    Big Nasty Hillclimb

    The "little" hill has never been climbed on a stock swing arm bike.... http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=XtEZLZABHoA
  14. I've rid'n and camp'd alot with Kawy and I don't think he posted it like he was really try'n to say. We camp in area's that riding around camp is ok, Murphy/Big Willow, etc....and we do take our boys for trail rides but when you have a 65 and 85 trail rides can't be that long. But really I'd take the buzz of a 65/85 over some loud mouth drunks drinking all night long in the camp next to you. I fact I remember someone just like that at a race last spring, China Hat, they had a little blue car that pulled two KTMs.... But I do agree with you, if we have people in your general camping area I won't let my kid do hot laps around the camp.


    LMAO... Sad but true.....