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  1. anyone? I'm putting the bike together this weekend.
  2. So I had my kx for just under a year now. I just bought a new pipe/silencer, and a v force 3 reed valve cage. I also bought a jd jet kit so I can fine tune it. My question is, how should I change the jetting after the parts go on? Put the same jets back in and try it? Or change sizes right away? Thanks for any help, I have never jetted my bike before because it didn't need it.
  3. Thanks a lot for doing that for me. That makes a world of difference. Would you be able to do the same thing except make the hubs red like the numbers? And what do you guys think about the different color combo's?
  4. Hey guys, I am doing a bit of work to the bike this winter, and wanting to get an idea of just what powdercoating I want done. I am getting black excel a60 rims, and want to powdercoat the frame and hubs while I'm at it. So if anyone has time I would appretiate if someone could do up my bike with a couple combinations of black frame with gold hubs, green frame with green hubs, same frame with gold hubs, and same frame with green hubs. I will also have a chrome fmf fatty on by then too, so if possible it would be nice to see that in there too. http://s782.photobucket.com/albums/yy107/big_red_brewery/?action=view&current=002.jpg&newest=1 Thanks alot to anyone who is willing to help out.
  5. CR125

    Bike won't start!!

    I a not 100% sure about the compression because I don't have tester. But I did stick my thumb over the spark plug whole and it seems to have a lot of suction. My next step is to take off the cylinder. Thanks for the help
  6. CR125

    Bike won't start!!

    Hey guys, I am posting this for a friend that doesn't have time to (hondacrf50f). I will give you all the info that i kno. The bike is an 03 rm125. He was riding and just before the end of the day, he said there was a slight power loss. He then came off and i noticed his power valve vent hose had came off. When he drained the tranny oil, it had small pieces of dirt in it. So we removed the clutch cover so we could clean out all the gears and bearings on the right side of the engine. Then we put it back together and flushed it out a few times. When he tried to start it, it wouldn't. So we checked the plug, etc, all the obvious things. So, what other possibilities are there? And the top end only has about 5 or 6 hours on it. Thanks for the help
  7. CR125

    bottom end question

    Hey, I am getting ready to replace my complete bottom end (crank, bearings, rod, etc..) My question is, will i have to use a case splitter or should it come apart without one. I just don't want to get half way through and all of a sudden be in a jam. Thanks
  8. CR125

    Bleeding Brakes

    Anyone????? Gotta go riding tomorrow and I don't want to do it until I have a couple opinions. Thanks Ryan
  9. CR125

    Bleeding Brakes

    Hey guys, I just pulled apart my rear caliper and master cylinder to clean it out good and get new seals. Anyway, I am trying to bleed them now and am having some trouble. I have read a few threads here on different ways to bleed them such as a vacuum bleeder (don't have one), or one way I was thinking of was where you hook up a tube to the bleeder screw and fill it with fluid, then shoot some compressed air into it and it will travel up the system. I'm just wondering what ways you guys have found successful when starting with a completely empty system. Thanks a lot Ryan
  10. CR125

    Oil for tranny??

    Any help on the type f fluid????
  11. CR125

    Oil for tranny??

    WOW, thanks a lot for the replies guys...didn't expect nearly this many:thumbsup: After all these positive replies about ATF I think i'm going to switch. My only question is in some of the earlier posts guys were talking about using type f ATF.... Do I need to use that or can I use regular old ATF??? Thanks a lot Ryan
  12. CR125

    Oil for tranny??

    hmm?? 80w90 is much thicker than 10w40..... The higher the number, the thicker it is..... Maybe we aren't talking about the same stuff or something??
  13. CR125

    Oil for tranny??

    Hey guys, I've got an 03 kx125 and all along i've been using bel-ray gear saver (80w90). But I was reading in the manual the other day that it recommends using 10w40 for my bike?? Just wondering what you guys with similar bikes are using and if you think the 80w90 can harm my tranny? Thanks Ryan
  14. CR125

    Compression for 06 yz250f

    thanks for the link. Also, what would be too low to be acceptable?
  15. I want to do a compression test on my 06 yz250f but I don't know what it's supposed to be at???? I read through my manual but i couldn't find it in there. So does anyone know a range of what a good reading would be? Thanks