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  1. fatbully

    Elkins Sunday - Early Ride

    My world just fell apart....a sprocket bolt has come loose and worn DEEP into my swingarm, no riding for me tomorrow. Anyone got a spare swingarm for an 05 450exc? will keep my eyes peeled for your next outing...will be riding the sawmill next week, maybe will see some of you there. I ride in b 4stroke, ama #376f cheers Jason
  2. fatbully

    Elkins Sunday - Early Ride

    Hey guys. You mind if 2 of us join you for your early morning ride??? 1 Kiwi and 1 Cali local I was amped up for the GT enduro and need a woods fix. we will be leaving the bay area at 4.30 am to get to the store for 7am (enough time?)...so would love to tag along. We are competent riders, big and ugly enough to look out for ourselves if you guys are real fast!!! Cheers,
  3. fatbully

    red sticker for 450exc

    great news today! went into DMV armed with offending red sticker, rego and copy of DMV's own green/red sticker requirements ie: 8th digit in VIN # has to be a "c" or "3" for a red sticker to be issued (mines a "0"), and after much debating and being passed up the chain of command was issued a GREEN sticker. Had to be a little demanding, but damned if I was going to live with the red sticker. Been there, done that, been turned away from ohv parks in summer months. So now I can enjoy the choking dust wherever I please!
  4. fatbully

    red sticker for 450exc

    should have bought the sx then
  5. just got a red sticker in the post today. should of course been green. I havn't even picked up the bike yet from the dealer, ...who should sort this out? me or the dealer? cheers