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  1. power, trouble.....what are you talking about?, jk yea, with the extra power you will be wanting to use it when you wont need to, it will just cause trouble for you, exscaially if your a begginer
  2. yea, my dad has some acres i like to ride on since he has a front end loader that i am welcome to use anytime, i can make my own tracks, but my moms house is just a house in a neighborhhod.the thing is, we have 10 acres of woods behind my house, (we have the only access to the woods in the neighborhood) and we use to ride bmx back there, but it has a nice track with some doubles, but people call the cops, and i just ride at 1-4 pm, when everyone is at work, but it my neihbor that calls the cops. the thing that makes me mad is he has a harley with custom pipes on it, and it is very loud, but he likes to start this thing at 4 in the morning. just makes me so mad that he has the nerve to call the cops on me, when i dont call the cops on him, but anyways, when the cops come, they just say its fine, dont worry about that guy, we get numerous complaints about him, and they say, as far as they know, i was riding in my backyard, where he cant complain about anything, cause it is my own land.
  3. at my dads house, there are no neighbors for about 6 acres on both sides 8)
  4. the shorter they are, the better low rpm, the longer they are, the better high rpm, just to fill in the blank 8P
  5. the best trail riding magazines out there are for the quads i think, but then again, u dont ride quads, so dirt rider.
  6. lol, nah, i think i hold on to these for now
  7. hi, i just inherited a bunch of brand new not opened bel ray supplie and i was wondering the quality of these prducts
  8. i have been blessed with a 3500 psi pressure washer, it takes off the rime and dirt, i will soap it down with dawn too, but i do one major plastics take-off kinda of thing once a month when im replacing my air-filter, i think, "well my seat and one of my side plates is off, heck, ill just do the whoole thing". doesnt take over 1 and a half hours.
  9. go to the dealer and ask them to order the parts or order the parts from an online store
  10. wd-40 works great, and if anything does stick u just have to wipe it off, p.s., dont put it on the seat
  11. is it over heating, or not, and have you flushed it lately, or have u drained the engine of all the water, if not drain all the gas, and try putting some new gas in. i havent had my jet skit for a while, but this could be the answer, one of those atleast.
  12. the way i come up to a jump, is to roll over and spot the landing, next time give some gas, and increase speed every time i go over, and then i just start ending up clearing it and landing on the landing. but if it is a double, ill wait for my friend to do, and i just tell myself if he can do it i can do it, and i jus do it.after the first time, its all easy.
  13. my little brother just got the new 06' tt-r50e 2 weeks ago, this bike is a bad a$$ lil bike, i wish i had one to mod up and stuff, he loves it and can ride it anywhere i can ride my bike, you should look into one, but when i was smaller i honda, loved it, check both of them out.
  14. i agree with every one else, if u wanna know why it is just some peoples opinions , and if you watch the footage, buba got it worse imo, he hit the ground hard and ended up wit a concussion, ricky was just in the wrong place at the wrong time
  15. hi, i am getting a new pipe and silencer for a 99kx125, i was wonering what type of pipe and silencer you guys use and what you guys would recomend