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    it matters because where i ride its a decent amount of flat land so we drag race so i want a good bike thats pretty fast so i dont have to put a lot of money in it and trike kid u can go **** urself if u think its stupid then dont anwser u little bitch
  2. indistructable


    whats faster a kx100 or the ttr 230 i kno that the 100 has quicker acceleration because the whole 2 stroke but like i said whats faster over all
  3. indistructable

    TT R 230 opinions

    hey yamaha356 where in illinois do you live
  4. indistructable

    top speed

    alright now you guys got me thinking about the honda i dont care about aftermarket parts right now cuz i wont have the money so for the ppl that have ridden both the ttr 230 and the crf 230 wich one is better i hear theyr pretty much the same bike but what do u guys think i want the one w/ the most speed and power but if theyr pretty much the same stock ill go w/ the yamaha and sorry for askin pretty much the same question over and over
  5. indistructable

    top speed

    i kno it is i kno how to ride them and i do once in awhile im just lookin for one with good power and a deccent top speed
  6. indistructable

    top speed

    yea well i dont really like honda cuz i was riden my friends down the road doin like 70 and it just died and locked up but since it had a manual clutch i just grabbed that and just rode it out into a ditch so i dont like those but supposeibly someone got it up to like 80 and i heard on like a site like this that one guy got his up to 94 but im not goin to get a honda cuz somethin like that happend to my uncle but thats why i thought id get ttr but like i said im pretty much new with bikes i just grew up on quads
  7. indistructable

    top speed

    yea cuz i weigh like 125
  8. indistructable

    top speed

    hey i grew up on quads all my life and i want to start riden dirt bikes i was lookin at the ttr 230 it al looks good i just want to kno the top speed cuz i dont want it to be to slow thanks for the input