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  1. drevil540

    JD Jetting and Airbox mod

    3 - 4 hours is a fair time to install the jet kit and complete the air box and exhaust mods. Search the forum for the picture that outlines where the airbox should be cut. A Dremel cut off wheel works great for getting through the plastic. My bike (2005) has the above mods with the baffle removed from the stock exhaust. I needed to make one change after my first install (main jet up to a 170 from the original recommended 165). I have only positive comments about the results; faster starting, power is smoother and there is more of it, better low speed performance, etc. I would also recommend the pink wire mod at the same time. Good luck
  2. drevil540

    Uncorked the 450X

    After buying my 05 new I finally decided to uncork the LRP. Pink wire, JD Kit, Air box open, and AP mod. Set it all up as per JD instructions. Started right up and runs much more R like. I should of done these four years ago. For those considering the airbox mod it is very easy. The hardest part is getting the damn thing off the bike. I went with the Honda bulletin for closed course with a slight mod to the cut on the right of the box. see pics http://i173.photobucket.com/albums/w71/drevil541/450Xairbox1.jpg http://i173.photobucket.com/albums/w71/drevil541/450Xairbox2.jpg
  3. drevil540

    New battery?

    I bought one from Batteries + about a year ago, it is the same type as the factory (sealed gel). It has been a great battery so far... and at $90 it is a little cheaper than the stock Honda battery.
  4. drevil540

    Gave my 3-year old X a facelift

    Very clean and not overdone. The black rims really make your bike stand out.
  5. drevil540

    WTB 05 450X Head Pipe

    I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post a request??? If you have a head pipe for a 05 450X in good condition please message me with the price. Thank you, Frank
  6. I recently purchased a 2000 XR70R that that a small crack in the upper mount on one side of the engine case. Should I worry about having this welded or ride as is? I am also looking to purchase a stock rear shock for a 2000 XR70R please PM me if you have one available. Thank you
  7. I am shipping a small motorcycle from Chattanooga, TN to Pueblo,CO. Any recommendations? The bike is about the size of a TTR-125
  8. drevil540

    New 05 CRF450x. Major problem, need help!

    I would recommend you head straight for the dealer where it was purchased. They should be able to determine how this part should normally function. If it was a manufacture defect Honda should pick up the tab. My guess is that Honda is more apt to listen if a certified dealer is communicating the cause of the issue.
  9. drevil540

    Shim Kit?

    I'll raise it to $25
  10. drevil540

    CRF 450x?s

    Paid $6,400 OTD in AZ about 4 months ago.
  11. drevil540

    Bike Stolen

    There is a good chance that this bike will hit Ebay in pieces. I would spot check the postings in the 250R catagory. I doubt the thieves are clever enough to space out the selling.
  12. drevil540

    CRF 450x?s

    Two of my buddies that I ride with have the WR450(04 & 05). They are great bikes! Good suspension, turning, and smoother power delivery than the older YZ400/426. However, I would not give up my 450X for one. Why??? 1) useable power delivery 2) suspension (especially after FC revalve) 3) rider position. The bike does everything right. I am especially perplexed at the fact that one of my buddies just bought the new 06 WR450. He stated after riding my bike a month ago that it was the most comfortable bike he has ever jumped on and rode. In addition, this person is 240lbs 6'4" and an expert level rider. Imagine what the bike would feel like if it were tuned to his weight and riding style. This test ride of his was pre-FC maybe that would of sealed the deal? Long and short of it all is you can't go wrong with either bike but the Honda gets my vote.
  13. drevil540

    XR650R vs CRF450X

    Follow up post. The bikes are two completely different animals. I had a chance to ride the uncorked 2005 650R and was very impressed by the smooth constant power delivery. "Goldwing of the Desert" about sums it up. Through the sand washes 80+ mph was easy to maintain without reving the bike. The experience was enjoyable but no way would I trade in my 450X. The 450X will out turn, handle, and accelerate the 650R by a huge margin. After 83MPH there is no competition but considering that is only about 10% of my riding the trade off is not worth it in my opinion. I especially like the way my 450 jumps over obstacles with a only a blip of the throttle. Hands down the best bike I have ever owned.
  14. drevil540

    XR650R vs CRF450X

    RVL, I weight about 170lbs and my 450X used to do the same thing. After my fork revalve from Factory Connection it no longer deflects. They changed the shim stack and compression spring in the inner chamber. Total about $265 the bike is pretty much point and shoot now. I am going riding tomorrow with a friend who just bought the 650R. If there is that much difference in the suspension I will do a follow up post.
  15. drevil540

    No Spark!!!

    Did you check the obvious? It is very easy to pull the wire out of the coil.