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  1. True story! Actually, they live just across the Mason-Dixon in PA now. The daughter is my daughter's best friend since kindergarden. She has a free invite at anytime to our house and stays frequently. She relishes hugs. I feel terrible for her and her little brother. For the record, I did say that it happens here too though! Just a little dig. You're a good sport Thumperphan. I apologize and I didn't really mean anything by it. I'm sure there are good points and bad points about California just like there are here in West Virginia. It just seems like we hear a lot about natural disasters happening there, everytime we turn the tv on here. Fires, floods, earthquakes or threats of earthquakes, mudslides, etc... You must be a hearty brave bunch. I'll say that for you! Go West youngman! Hey have you ever heard the about the WV state flower...? The satellite dish! MTV and Lillian Gish come to the farm on the satellite dish. You guys kinda put that attitude out there that these bikes must be junk because, it won't work for me here in CA. Have you ever ridden one? What about an old Honda XL185? Really, they are much like those bikes. But they have inverted forks and more modern disc brakes. I will admit the bolts can be junk! The point I was really trying to make with all of this, is that different bikes, serve different people depending on your use or your local terrain. What works for me may not for you. It's cool that we can talk about and sometimes argue about the differences, don't you think? No hard feelings?
  2. Well, my left mirror was broke when the bike arrived and it came with the wrong wheels. I purchased the bike with aluminum wheels. It was even marked on the invoice. When I uncrated it, I found chrome steel wheels. I promptly called the company and told them. They apologized and said they would take care of it and took my information. I just received a new set of aluminum wheels Thursday afternoon, along with a new mirror. It took about a month but I got them. It's been about the same time as my recalls were reported on my KTM 950. Still nothing on the 950. I am sure KTM will get it done but they are having a few issues with parts too. I won't really bash other dirtbikes and call them junk because I own other dirtbikes. I'm a motorcycle enthusiast, like many others here. I think the china bikes have their place but it's a limited one. It's not a do everything bike yet IMO. Soon but not yet. Pullin may argue that! They are cheap and something to tinker with. I like to tinker and I'm doing some modifications to mine. It isn't finished yet! I didn't slam California. Never been there! A good friend of mine moved there a year ago. Ended up dead, some doctor killed her. That happens here to I guess. Thankfully, her orphaned kids had a home to come back to!
  3. That's the problem with the internet. You mention a problem and you're bashing. I love my 950! When I first got it, I had a love hate relationship with it. We've worked through that. I ride it everyday! It's my only form of transportation. Don't even own a car. Had some issues with some junk aftermarket parts on it though! Right now, I have 3 recalls waiting to be done. That doesn't make me hate it. The dealership ordered the parts a month ago, no parts yet. I'm not even supposed to be riding it, because of the recalls. 13k and I can't ride it, not happening! The rear barke is the only real issue and I never use it, so it's a none issue for me. Still riding it everyday. Today, I broke out the Gore-Tex and even rode in the rain. Imagine that if you can. The Buells were crap! That I'll admit. The Uly is a freakin' joke. Could have been a great bike. Buell (I really mean Harley) botched it, AGAIN! My first Buell had so many recalls I couldn't ride it for 2 weeks. Moving on quickly! My WR didn't suit me. I really wanted to be able to use low octane fuel and it's more of an off-road racebike than I wanted. I also want to ride it on the street a little. That's what I meant by too high-strung. Too much maintenance for what it delivered. Oil changes every few hours? Nah! Besides, I never rode it. The 5-speed wasn't good for highway running. I did that and it was no fun. You see I can test them before plating them. When you live in the middle of nowhere the police are hard to find. The TT-R is much better for me. The 6-speed will cruise on the highway all day. Again, already been there. Notice I didn't mention freeway. The 950 is my freeway (we call them interstates here) bike. The Viva isn't a TAT or freeway bike, just a cheap 2-lane commuter bike. I don't think it's great, just ok for the money. They have issues! I'd tell you more but you'd thing I was bashing it too. As for off the grid, there is no reason to go off the grid. I'm not off the grid. I plan to use the grid to benefit me. We have cheap power here. If I lived in California, I'd go off the grid. The emission equipment on my Viva isn't required were I live. You can call the emission police on me if you wish, I could care less. They couldn't find me anyway! I'm not a tree hunger you have me confused with someone else! There is a completely different Country out here besides California. Pullin has no clue about my roof angle! That's a good one. The roof has nothing to do with it. I do rather enjoy watching him stir the china bike pot and you guys freak over them. What this whole china bike debate all boils down to is Geography. You live in a different area, that would not be the best environment for these bikes. It's a harsh climate. Pullin, myself and many others do not have that problem. We understand this, as do some others on here. It's the typical California attitude. It's all about YOU! It won't work for you so you bash! I say something about my new TT-R and you bash. Can't we all just get along!
  4. When did I brag about spending $699 on my bike? It cost me $1029! I also don't believe, I said it was better than anything. It's a cheap made in China motorcycle. Why would I not buy one? You guys are funny! How about going for a ride sometime!
  5. S Won

    Chinese d/s hostility?

    Nope, my Viva VX200SX was CARB legal! I say was because, I ripped all that crap off! The price to my door was $1029. It has the CARB emission sticker and everything.
  6. No thanks! I've got it! My thermal mass is on the first floor. It has nothing to do with the roofline. A short porch roof (not shown) will block the summer sun, which as you know is much higher in the sky than the winter sun. I'm using Low-E windows that will help reflect most of summer sunlght. The addition does have a low roofline. We are not concerned with that, as that part of the house in the mud room/air lock! That part of the house does not have a thermal mass. Thanks for the interesting exchange pullin. If you ever get up here we'll have to go for a ride. You're welcome to come by and see the house. I hope to get the steel roof on soon and the windows in. We still have much to do. Did I mention I'm going to have a kickin' garage! Sam
  7. ambassador, Thanks! See you there! I'm just about done beating my head against the wall here! You may return to your regularly scheduled rant of choice!
  8. pullin, Passive heating benefit of the roof? You need to stop now! You clearly know nothing about this and I'm embarrassed for you! If you are just trying to get me, as in show me up! You just blew it!
  9. You posted doom and gloom numbers and said it won't work. You said, "Didn't know your area of WV enjoyed sufficient solar radiation to dispense with "carboniferous" home heating." Yes, it does! I'm doing it. I never said PV efficiences numbers were 75 to 100%. Anybody that knows anything about it knows better than that! It's just not as bad as you say! I don't have the current numbers and frankly I don't have time to educated every doubter on the net. They're getting better and are higher than they have ever been. Major breakthroughs are happening. The internet is for more than looking at pictures! Do a search! It's obvious that the solar industry needs a major breakthrough to get higher efficiences. Then we will truely live in a solar economy. My point with the UV is that they actually work in cloudy conditions. They have never done that before. It's a major breakthrough. I get a benefit even on cloudy days. The PV array doesn't have to work at night. We have what you call wind here in the mountains. Wind energy will supplement my solar system and make it more efficient. Passive Solar, PV Solar, Geothermal and Wind Energy. They all add up to big savings for me! The estimated heating/cooling cost for this home using a geothermal heating/cooling system is $300 per year. This is before I add anything else to supplement my costs, like PV Solar or Wind Energy through net metering. Plugging in a car at work is not stealing, if you have permission. I would never do it unless I did! No stealing involved. What I said was that I worked for a major user of electricity! You said Lithium Ion cars did not exsist! Yes, they do! When you post info like all of this, it shows how little you actually know about it. Yes, large solar arrays do cost 25K or more. However, you can get by with a lot less now with net metering. The biggest expense with a solar system has always been the costly batteries. If you can eliminate the batteries, you eliminate the biggest expense in the system. They are no longer needed. For about 6k you can get a mid-sized system that will save you over 40 to 60% on your electrical usage. I don't want to cut ties with the electric company totally! I want them to pay me! I want energy credits that I can sell to gross polluters. I'm in it for the money too! My carbon footprint is already ZERO! How is that? I have 110 acres of trees. My trees do more good for the environment that the harm I do driving a gas powered vehicle. Besides I ride bikes! The trees give me a ZERO emission footprint! I could drive a big rig diesel tractor to work everyday and still have a zero emission footprint. We don't have to put an e-car in every driveway. The gasoline economy won't let people grasp new ideas on how things should be. Hey, don't use what has been given to you! Free energy at your doorstep. Keep buying your gasoline to power your vehicle and natural gas to heat your home. Keep complaining about the higher cost every day, week, year! My wife and I have just decided to do something about it, to show our friends and family that you can do something! Maybe you don't like that, I don't know. One of the reasons I bought my Jialing Viva china bike was to use less fuel. I think it's a good idea to just use less. Are the GREEN technologies going to change the world. Maybe someday, if we live long enough. Maybe not! One thing I do know is that I have added $60,000 worth of value to my home. I have already saved $2000 last year on my taxes, that I would have never seen a dime of, because I purchased an Energy Star rated home. It hasn't cost me one dime more than a stick built home would have. It's actually saved me close to $60,000 in construction costs. I did it myself and saved ALL of the labor costs. You'll have to PM me for anything else. I'm done hijacking the thread!
  10. You sound like you know a lot about those chat rooms keithco? These china bike threads always get out of hand. Nothing new! When someone posts bad information about states they no nothing of, we must set them straight or try to! You did with me! The Japanese are in bed with the Chinese. You gotta know that! Ever heard of Enkei? The Japanese wheel manufacturer. They make the new wheels for the Buell XB12X Ulysses. They have a large plant in China. The Buell wheels are made there. This is just one connection and it's with an American com pany. There are many more and the Japanese are in way deeper.
  11. We are totally doing away with the burning of anything to heat and cool our new solar house. We are using a series of old and new solar technologies. The first system will be a passive solar system with an interior thermal mass. Solar energy will heat the thermal mass during peak daylight hours. The thermal mass will release heat back into the house during the night. This will help keep energy costs lower. Quite frankly, it's stupid to build a new house with a natural gas, propane, or oil furnace. I guess if you live in a development with a house 3 feet from your's then you have no choice. I don't, so I don't have to. I just think there is a better way to do it. Our primary heat source in our new home will be Geothermal Energy. The geothermal heatpump will heat the house no matter what the outside temperature is. It will also cool the house in the summer and make almost all of the hot water we will need or could use. The system is 435% efficient. For every dollar I spend for heat. I will get back $4.35 in heat! So you see, we here in West Virginia don't really have to be dependant on the burning of fuel to heat our homes. We have the perfect climate for solar energy use! pullin-gs, You are also totally incorrect about solar array efficiency and battery technology. Newer and better breakthroughs are just around the corner. Efficiency will certainly go up more and more. Thin film technology is already here and those panels will work even in cloudy conditions! They use UV light to make electricity on cloudy days. As for electric cars, currently there are electric cars powered by Lithium Ion batteries already on the market that will go 120 to 150 miles on a charge. All I need! They are expensive but costs will come down. Check the link! People are also building homebuilt vehicles that are doing pretty well, around 150 miles on a charge. Where I live electricity is cheap and electric cars would work very well. You need to do some more research and check some GREEN websites. You couldn't be more wrong about electric zero emmission vehicles causing as much pollution as a gasoline powered car. Coal fired power plants produce energy at a constant rate. It doesn't matter if you charge batteries or filter your pool water all night. They produce the same emissions. May as well use it for something positive by cutting your carbon footprint and using that power drive to work in a zero emission vehicle. Besides you could always use a solar charger or a home based solar array to recharge the batteries. I work for large user of electricity. I could plug mine in at work and it wouldn't be a blip on the radar screen! http://www.acpropulsion.com/ What about that Black Jetmoto bike?
  12. Yeah, happy and content as they burn gasoline at an ever growing rate. What we really need to be doing is burning less fuel and doing something positive towards the GREENING of America. Making us less dependant. The US automakers are failing because they build overpriced crap that uses too much fuel. I know, we have 2 vehicles made by US manufacturers. They don't build anything anybody wants! If they do you can't afford to put fuel in it. Well, I guess you can, you just can't do anything else! You make it sound like we can do something about what is happening? Buy more US made cars and spend more for foreign gasoline. Yeah, that'll do it! Most US manufacturers are building fewer and fewer cars in the US. Hyundai, Toyota, Nissan, BWM, Mercedes-Benz, and a host of other companies have US manufacturung palnts in the US now. Driving the price od those vehicles down. In the case of M-B making the price not go up as fast! Buy more US products and less from the Chinese? What you really mean is to buy less! Because your buying power will be greatly reduced when you try this! Afterall, you're just one person what is going to happen when all your neighbors and friends don't join you in your quest to change the world? Hopefully, this year my new solar house will be finished, and we'll be unhooking the natural gas meter from our supplier. I'm telling them to get the stupid thing out of my yard, period! Is this going to make a huge impact in the industry? No, but it will save me $2000 a year. If we all did this, we could possible effect the price and supply of natural gas. Maybe the domestic suppliers would be hard pressed to find another use for their gas and the price would go down. We had a 50% increase last year! 50%! Maybe the auto makers would be willing to start building cars that could use this compressed natural gas. If we used less electricity (by using solar panels to make our own) the coal companies would be forced to look for other buyers of their coal. The electric companies would need less and we could finally get clean coal technology out there and in use. Maybe even Clean Coal diesel fuel to power our automobiles and powerplants. It's not just about the environment it's about US independence! There is much more you can do other than not buying Chinese products! The problem is people are willing to stay in the same gasoline rut because that's what they have always done! I'd love to have an electric car to run back and forth to work. I could save 6 to 8 thousand a year on fuel, oil and maintenance on vehicles. The US manufacturers won't build them. Why is that? Deals made with the US oil companies to increase profits while they still have a product to sell. Then what? It's easy to preach it, but not so easy to do!
  13. I live in North Central West Virginia. My 110 acre farm provides plenty of riding for me and my family in my very large backyard. The TAT is just something I want to do. We have great roads and trails here and I plan to see a lot more of them too. I'd love to see America off-road and the TAT is a goal for me. I may never get to do it but the mods on the bike will also work here in WV.
  14. No, I did not sell the Jialing! I don't need to make any deals with the wife on selling one to get another! I traded the WR250F for the TT-R250T, so she had nothing to say about it. Besides, she's wonderful! The dealership was asking $3400 for the TT-R and were willing to give me $3550 trade-in for the WR. Taxes were $93 dollars which left a balance of $57. I told them to forget the $57 and we'd call it an even swap. Yes, I know the WR is a more expensive bike with a higher MSRP. The TT-R will be a better bike for me and I'm not concerned with the loss. The WR was purchased new. I've had the WR for sale at $4000 for the past 6 months. Never even got a nibble. I have no regrets! The TT-R has a 6-speed. It's my new TAT project bike.
  15. I've had Big 4 bikes since I was 7 years old. The 2005 WR250F was purchased 2 years ago. The WR was traded for the TT-R, I didn't technically buy it. The Jialing was purchased on March 23rd and I picked up the TT-R250 on April 10th. These are completely different bikes with different uses. Both dualsports but the Jialing won't be used off-road that much. It's for commuting. When you find a deal you gotta jump!