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  1. itainteasy

    valve clearance

    don't understand. The valve clearance(vc) in the manual shows 0.1mm. so i set it at 0.1 and can't get the bike started. infact i have difficulty finding a decent compression stroke. so when i look at the last time i had this problem it appears that i set the vc at .55mm this gave the bike much easier starting much better pull and reduced the flat spot on deceleration and then pick up again especially at 80 - 90 kmph. what is the correct procedure here? i'll have to adjust again so if anyone can shed some light for me i'd be much obliged i followed the manual but it can't be right. i'v eprobably done something really dumb. should i find TDC on every adjustment or just once for all 4 valves
  2. itainteasy

    Best price for a 250/400?

    I could have offered lower, but don't want to screw anyone jeez I wouldn't like to be screwed by you.....ahem
  3. itainteasy

    Best price for a 250/400?

    i cannot believe the price of bikes in the U.S. Someone should rejet them and ship them over to the u.k. mine, used, cost $6,200. even a cheap one goes for about $4500, new you talking $7 - $8k. someone needs to get it together and fill a container. I'll meet it here. throw in a couple of splitscreen campers to make certain the profits~!!
  4. itainteasy


    aright akis. good to know there is some off road life in scotland. where you from? I'm in the loch lomond area. Need a bolt cutter to do any good trails round here though. xr400 otr
  5. itainteasy

    1000 km service? XR400

    been a while since the last post but found the pdf pretty handy when adjusting the valves.(they were almost half of the recommended) the bike has had an oil change and also had castrol c4? for lube, the top end seems sweeter althougn any adjustment towards the lean is going to kill it. was told standard jetting from the shop for my bike was a 55 pilot and 162 main. I'm new to this jargon and don't know whats what but from reading this forum this would seem to inply a rich mix. the plug is light brown. tan. not totally white but definitely not brown. which says lean so what the score. lean or rich ie should i just pull the snorkel and reject' 96. Que?
  6. bash guard/sump guard. Tried ebay but want to get a full wrap around number that isn't going to weigh 3 hundred weight or disintegrate on the fisrt impact. also would like it to comlpiment the looks of my xr400. any ideas?
  7. itainteasy

    think i did A SILLY THING.

    yeah man. cheers for the advice. gonnae have a go at some of these for sure. Wasn't me who removed the baffles but the previous owner whos biggest mistake was buying the bike. He had a bad leg and couldn't kick start it at all. nice one.
  8. itainteasy

    think i did A SILLY THING.

    cheers for the info. I'll definitely take the plug out ND CHange IT . Think i need to be brave. Its kind of sacreligious to start taking a brand new-ish bike apart. Still, more horses and smooth as a baby's bum sounds good. Any advice as to how to get my bum as smooth as a baby's? hahah
  9. itainteasy

    think i did A SILLY THING.

    Bought a new '05 registered xr400 with 100 miles on it. got home and against the advice of the previous owner(he said take it easy for 500 miles) I went for a rip. Stupidly i had it on half choke. Doh! first time on a bike for a while and i was all excited and forgot and was wondering why it was so crap above 40 and wouldn't take a full hand of power. So i realised but not before i'd tried to tear the arse off it. since then I've done 500 miles. about half road and half off and i've notice that the bike on the road doesn't like to cruise at 50 - 60. it only likes going fast and accelerating. when slowing down from 70 - 50 it falters slightly but can miss kind of and decelerrate the bike quickly. I have no baffle in the exhaust and to attempt to bring it nearer stock i've fitted a vortip insert. It pulls well enough but just isn't quite right. Any ideas? this is really F**king me off especially because it is most probably something i've neglected to do or because of the half choke thing. It had oil changed and all. air filter is clean. takes about 20 - 30 kicks to get started in the morning and needs a blip of throttle. once warm no throttle and 1 kick is usually fine. Any help will be most appreciated.
  10. itainteasy

    1000 km service? XR400

    cheers bro. will have a look for the pdf jsut to be sure.
  11. itainteasy

    1000 km service? XR400

    cheers for the info. Have bought a vortip exhaust and am hoping this will go some way to curing the slight power dip. I don't have the original baffle unfortunately as the previous owner removed it.. How easy is it to removed the link on the swing arm. I'm still a bit wary of the bike as it is the newest piece of machinery i've ever owned. was working on a 1978 volkswagen campervan before this. THe only thing in common is they are both air cooled. Tappet adjustment? aaargh. Need to get a haynes or something. gen myself up. The bike is still on the factory sprockets and gearing and will do about 120 - 130 kmph which is around 80 mph although the vibrations don't exactly make it comfortable. kept up with a road race bike around the twisty bits of loch lomond the other day. hardly had to change gear either. ahhahaha The dipstick on the wee exup could believe his mirror.
  12. itainteasy

    1000 km service? XR400

    Just passed 1000km on my 04 XR400 wondered what I should do. Don't race just hit the hills of scotland. No baffle in my exhaust everything else is stock but it runs rough at 90kmph. wants to go and pulls but on decelleration it loses itself and is slow on the uptake of power again. Is it necessary to rejet when the baffle is removed? Are euro bikes different? What about gordons grinding header welds? anyone else done this?