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  1. gc212


    i was thinking of pasting those black sticker over it too, just wondering if there's other option anyway thanks for the help
  2. gc212


    hi i just got myself an 06 ktm200, was wondering is there anything i can do to protect my fork black coating? some part of it are chipping off because of rocks and dirt any help will be appreciated thanks
  3. gc212

    How many times before I can clear tabletops

    i cleared my 1st tabletop after riding mx track for like 6 months, at the beginning i just roll over and over and over and slowly i gain more and more confidence...the trick is not to rush if you're rushing you're gonna get hurt. get use to how your bike behave while its in the air..and eventually you will clear it. smooth throttle all the way like all the other riders just said and the landing is much smoother then flat landing it...
  4. gc212

    new fork?

    im thinking of changing my wr400 forks is there anything i have to know before i look for 1? e size? e make? im riding mx btw so which fork is better
  5. gc212

    how do i set the compression

    do u have photo of the clicker because im can't seems to find it thanks alot
  6. anybody knows how do i set the compression of my 1998 wr400 front fork stiffer?
  7. gc212

    cant start

    ohh yah just to make things clear sorry for not saying when i try push starting my bike it doesnt work at all, it just starts up using kick start
  8. gc212

    cant start

    ohhh ok will get it check soon thanks for all your help
  9. gc212

    How often do u hit the track?

    i ride only on sunday, if only i can ride sat and sun
  10. gc212

    cant start

    yes i use the hot start lever everytime i start my bike, i've been using the same way i use to start my bike since i got it without any problem its only this few weeks the problem started i have no idea how many miles are on this bike already as i got it second hand and there's no meter on the bike, anyway thanks for helping
  11. gc212

    cant start

    sometimes after riding my 98 wr400 for quite awhile, when i have to start it up again i have to kick for like 10 to 15mins including push starting before it will start what could the problem be??
  12. gc212

    bike making a ratling noise

    ok thanks for all the advices will get it check soon thanks alot
  13. gc212

    bike making a ratling noise

    the noise is coming from the top end of the engine where the cam is, if that's whats it's called sorry for the lack of detail
  14. hey just got a 98 model wr400 about 1 month ago, today while riding the bike i notice there's rattling noise coming from the engine is it something to do with the camshaft ?? thanks for your time