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  1. nsdrz400

    '06 KX 250 Woods Weapon

    I have a stock 06 KX250 that I don't get out as much as I would like but my impressions coming from a 05 DRZ400: great power, can be a handful because the power comes on pretty quick, I'm thinking on putting a FWW on to smooth the hit and make it easier for jumping. feels light, real light, stock suspension is good maybe its just me but sometimes I feel when turning in corners the front end pushes a bit easiest bike to wheelie I've ever owned I like mine, she's gonna be a keeper
  2. nsdrz400

    frontier or taco

    I took both the Tacoma and Frontier out. As I remember very similar driving trucks. What made me buy the Tacoma was nicer interior, nicer exterior, and the thought that if I ever had to get rid of it it would not be a problem. I took some full size trucks out but I don't need a full size truck and they felt a lot bigger and bulkier on the road. I did take out some older Tacoma's out but I could not find what I wanted used and they wanted big $. I don't think too many people look back and say that they shouldn't of bought a Tacoma.
  3. nsdrz400

    When did you start riding and on what?

    Started riding on a 83 PW80 - wiped it on the test drive in front of the dealership - we went home with it though:thumbsup: After a few years I bought a 85 CR60, still my favorite bike
  4. nsdrz400

    What truck to buy???

    I have a 07 Tacoma long bed TRD and I have been really pleased with it. I usew it to carry a KX250, will have a car seat in it soon, and for my daily driver. Get what you want, a little money saved isn't gonna mean much in a few years time, my 2 cents.
  5. nsdrz400

    can you believe this??

    Ya that kind of treatment from a dealership is not right. Bikes are too expensive for them to walk away from their product like that. I would personally, like said here before call Suzuki and lodge a formal complaint, send letters to Suzuki, and document all times and what happened before the bike locked up. When the bike is dissasembled by Suzuki, they will know what happened, and if they are any good will take their time and make sure it is done right. Good Luck
  6. I use something I was given and never thought I would ever use, its a strong, lightweight, plastic single step that opens up for storage for tools, plugs, manual, etc, great for having stuff along when you need it. Probably doesn't cost much, Wal Mart or wherever. I have one 7 ft piece of wood (2 x 10 I think) with angled metal bike ramp attachments. I find I just walk the bike up the ramp and position this toolbox/step to step up, if that makes sense. Its an inexpensive way but it works for me. Also you don't have to worry about some fungus trying to steal your ramps while you ride.
  7. I grenaded a 85 Cr60 doing the same thing, roughly a few miles pinned. That bike was air cooled too, maybe the modern liquid cooled bikes can handle the heat better?? Just like mentioned earlier, varying rpms helps. I would guess a modern bike in good condition could get maybe 15-20 minutes pinned before grenading.
  8. nsdrz400

    kx 250 question

    I think (not totally sure) but the 06 came with Renthal bars stock, not sure the 05 did.
  9. nsdrz400

    New KX 250

    My brand new 06 KX250 did it too, fouled plugs every couple of rides. Still dragging my feet but I'll be going with the JD Jetting kit.
  10. nsdrz400

    2006KX250 Vs YZ450 Ride Report!

    Thanks for the info, I'll copy that down and be ready for next year's ripping, without bringing a spark plug and a wrench with me when I ride
  11. nsdrz400

    2006KX250 Vs YZ450 Ride Report!

    I have an 06 stock KX250 and I haven't run race gas, I bet it would run better. The problem with my bike is that it runs good but eats plugs, even hotter ones. I'm no expert but I am going to try the JD jetting kit next year, someone on here had a similar problem and dropped their pilot down to 35 and it greatly helped. But JD will have their own recommended setup so I will probably go with that. Whatever happened to buying a new bike that will run good out of the box at 20-25 deg C (70-85 F) on pump gas?? Anyway besides that I am happy with the bike, definitely good power stock, still getting used to launching off jumps in the meat of the powerband. The two stroke sound and smell takes me back and never fails to put a smile on my face.
  12. nsdrz400

    05 or newer toyota tacoma??

    I have a 07 Tacoma TRD and I would definitely recommend it. Before I bought the truck I thought I was going to get a short bed standard trans, but I actually started to like the look of the long bed more and found the auto was a better fit than the standard. I hauled a KX250 in my long bed and like mentioned above the tailgate is down, just barely. With the short bed I think you would have more of the weight over the tailgate. You can't go wrong with any configuration, if you are not in a rush to buy take a few of them out for test drives.
  13. nsdrz400

    What year KX250????

    I'm sure when properly set up, I have tweaked the suspension a bit, the bike will perform better. I wish I had more time for the bike. I plan on owning the bike for awhile and getting it set up correctly for my size/driving style. Nothing better than a two stroke for me, grew up driving them. Good luck in whatever bike you choose.
  14. nsdrz400

    What year KX250????

    I have an 06 KX250 and really like it. No shortage of power, wheelies like no other bike I've owned. From what I have know the 06 and 05 are pretty similar bikes, the 06 has the Renthals handlebars standard and the 05 has a little different stickers, looks the best to me imho. I don't have a lot of recent bikes to compare it too, but the stock handling of my bike an 06 is that the front ends pushes a little in tight turns almost like its a little rear high. I still haven't dialed in the jetting on my stocker, runs great but eats plugs. Overall I'm pretty impressed with mine.
  15. nsdrz400

    KX250 power advice

    I can only vouch for driving a 06 KX250, stock as mine is, makes great power, blast to drive. I'd have to say its a little peaky, especially for me coming from a 05 DRZ400S. I've heard the YZ has an almost 4 stroke feel to it.