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  1. magellan06

    Please help me identify this part!!!

    could it be the spring for the clutch finger (the thing on which the clutch cable goes in) btw, the spring seems screwed up !
  2. magellan06

    xr400 clutch

    it simply sounds like the clutch cable is too tight => you have to check that when you release the clutch lever, the clutch perch goes back to its engaged position: - detach the cable from the clutch perch - feel the position where the clutch perch starts being hard to turn (clockwise) - retach the cable to the clutch perch - check that when the clutch lever is release the clutch perch goes close to this position => you can adjust the clutch cable tension both at the lever and at the other end of the cable => you can check that your clutch is (roughly) working well: - detach the cable from the clutch perch - put in first gear - push the bike = if the rear wheel turns then the clutch is out of order, else if the rear wheel is blocked that is because the clutch normally engages it to the engine (note: the clutch perch is the little finger that rotates on top on the clutch and to what you fasten the clutch cable)
  3. as far as I remember, the sprocket has only one position where it can slip on the cam shaft : the teeth are asymetrical so you must find the right position
  4. magellan06

    Cam Chain Help

    I successfully changed my 1999 XR400R cam chain with the 2003 450CRF one
  5. magellan06

    2001 XR400R Right Crankcase Cover

    Hi, I recently faced the same problem: the manuals say wrong: you must remove: - all the clutch cover bolds (some are very long) - all the oil filter cover bolds (the front bolt is very long) - all the right cranckase cover bolds (and the nut) keep good notice of the length and position of these bolds !!!!! once removed, it takes a little effort to de-stuck the cover (there are two triangular pins that allow gently pushing it from the left bike side) be carefull, there is a big washer at the kick-start axle end that could drop (to remove easily the old cover gasket from the cover, I drowned it 24h in water, but it's a pain to clean the cranckase adherences) don't overtighten the bolds when reassembling, it'll be time later to tighten more if you have some leak If you never saw that, you'll descover the beauty of inside mechanics: quite amazing XR power secrets ...
  6. magellan06

    Xr400 Cdi Mapping

    (just an idea) the mechanical auto-decomp system placed on the cam desactivates over 800 RPM, maybe that's the origin of the assertion about the CDI
  7. magellan06

    Anyone fixed a noisy auto decompressor?

    the top end of my stock XR400 was getting more and more noizy through months (1999, about 30k km) after a cam chain change, the noise completely disappeared, the top end is now smoothly rubbing and it's the bottom end that I can ear a stretched cam chain causes valves to de-synchronize with the piston and that causes clicking, power-loss and oil comsumption you can have a look to your cam chain stretch trough the valve adjustment caps (test the stretch around the cam sprocket as for the drive chain around the rear wheel sprocket) PS: I swapped for a fully compatible CRF450 cam chain (stiffer and half cheaper)
  8. magellan06

    2003 xr400

    yes, I recommend replacing the whole T shaped hoses stuff with a single large diameter hose that runs up below the saddle and end with a filter the day I checked my stock hoses I found them internally coated with a mix of oil and dirt down to the cranckcase plug ... that is the dirt DOES come inside the bottom engine by this way
  9. magellan06

    Need help form Cam Chain change

    Well, I figured out to install a CLOSED cam chain, not an open one that would need crimping the links is the standard cam chain replacement an open or a closed one ?
  10. Hi! I will swap the noisy cam chain of my 1999 XR400R (with a CRF450 one) As I already reworked the Top End, I have no problem with this part of the engine (cam, tensioner,...), but I wander what I will face with the bottom end: what is the minimum removals I will face in the bottom engine to be able to remove / replace the cam chain (do I have to remove the clutch, clutch housing, oil pump, oilpump sprocket,...), or is it possible to disengage the cam chain from the bottom cam chain sprocket without any further stripping than opening the engine cover ? PS: I do have all the manuals, but they don't speak much Thanks
  11. Hi I noticed that, when opening the throttle, the rod of the Mikuni pushes the gazoline with some delay and mildness, due to the absorption made by the white plastic stuff and spring that links it to the throttle if I give more strength to this rod by pushing down the white plastic with my finger, the engine response is stronger (and bog disappear) 1/ do you also notice the delay in the rod response when opening the throttle (or is it my own pumper that is abnormally stucked) ? (rod moves easily without gaz in the carb but gets harder with (of course!)) 2/ has anyone tried to increase by a way or another the amount of gaz pushed by the pumper (eg: stiffen the spring, bigger jet ...) ? Thanks
  12. magellan06

    dropped a washer in the cam chain hole.

    first, spend some more time searching this washer were it could have fallen elsewere (I had one hidden below the cam) ! I think you can strip down the stuff inside the cam hole (cam, cam chain tensioner, cam chain guides and maybe below also: clutch and cam chain gear): you'll be able to search more easily for the washer maybe you can also try to wash it out with pouring some oil inside the hole
  13. magellan06

    Engine abruptly cut?

    maybe your plug is dead or is it a famous resistor blow out (cap plug) ?? check if you have a spark !
  14. time for ebay ? XR400 XR 400 Honda Motorcycle Carburetor carb item number 140202374460 http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/XR400-XR-400-Honda-Motorcycle-Carburetor-carb_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ35597QQihZ004QQitemZ140202374460QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWDVW Items that are being sold: 1 Carb: KEIKHIN - k1ebnje Dual tapper needle XR's Only Choke Plate Current jets: 160 main & 60 pilot Other jets: 138 & 155rd mains and 52 & 55 pilots Original needle Both cables End time: Feb-04-08 19:00:00 PST .... $0,99 !!!
  15. magellan06

    quick little question

    Hello, if the shape of the combustion chamber was a cylinder, its volume is calculated as (PI x radius² x height), with PI= 3,14159265... radius= diameter/2 = 8,55/2 = 4,275 cm height = 7 cm => internal combustion chamber volume = 401,9 cm² but in fact the cylinder head shape is somewhat spherical, and I don't know if the engine volume is computed as the total volume of the chamber (cylinder + part of the sphere) or as the volume moved by the piston course (cylinder alone) I think the 440cc bigbore is 89mm diameter, the above formula would give 435cc... anyone to go further ? Cheers F