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  1. If the stock 350 is not enough for you and your unhappy with your purchase then either A) sell it, or Pipe, gearing, re-map and you will notice significant gains. I believe ktm targeted the bike towards guys that loved the 250f and it's riding style, but wanted more oomph. Or possibly 450 riders that didn't need all that torque and were bored riding them. Either way IMO ktm accomplished this.
  2. I'm not calling you fat Ville, I'm 6'1 and 200 lbs. Not a small guy myself. The 450 bike is the easiest to go fast on period. When you can fully "handle" a 350, you know your a good rider. Throw in the top 250f riders in the 450 class and I bet they would shake up the class a bit. To each his own on which bike they ride. My slow speed is about the same on a 150sx thru a 450 anyway.
  3. It is all about fun, right??
  4. The big question is for all you 450 guys is the 450 as fun to ride? I enjoy mine and can't see why I'd want a 450 unless I was A) Fat and lazy or Never learned on a two stroke. I'm 6'1" 200 lbs and have owned too many 450's yawn yawn.
  5. GUTCH

    Öhlins TTX shock 2011

    There is always a suspension sacrifice. Set up your spench according to where you'll gain the most from on that particular track or trail.
  6. GUTCH

    Öhlins TTX shock 2011

    I've seen the new TTX shock and the new factory dlc forks and they are sweet. If I didn't have SXS, I'd go ohlins for sure.
  7. GUTCH

    6'3" 210 lbs - Too big for 350 SXF?

    I agree, it's a hobby - not an investment!
  8. GUTCH

    6'3" 210 lbs - Too big for 350 SXF?

    Dude, buy the 350. Have fun and enjoy yourself. A C/D rider does not need a 450. You should be a A/B rider before making the jump to a 450 IMO... I own a 350 abd am loving it. Enjoy and don't get sucked into the big pig hype of the 450, especially for play riding.
  9. Yes, and if you raced A moto, you'd be on .50 with revalve for sure. Glad your dialed with your bike.
  10. You need up and forward. Also try a flatter bar with less sweep. I've ridden Tomahawk and know what your talking about! Fun track.
  11. I haven't heard of any troubles with mud and electronics. I would however silicone the tps.
  12. I'm running 6.0 rear, .50 front. 6'1" at 200 pds naked. Revalved sxs forks and stock shock. 108mm sag and HPSD up front, very stable and still turns.
  13. Mike Alessi and Andrew Short swept all the heat race and main event holeshots on their 350 KTMs. Time to put that topic to bed.
  14. Cool. I've got a PC link incoming.