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  1. I run Pro Taper 7/8" ATV high bars with good results. I am 6'1"+ and like the old school feel of the higher bars. Makes riding while standing much easier on the back.
  2. ccontrol

    DR 200 Steering Damper

    Does anyone know if any manufacturer makes a damper setup for the DR 200? We ride mostly fire road stuff and my wife is envious of the Scott's on my DRZ.
  3. It was an awesome day with a great guide! Thanks for all your time and patience Nick! We look forward to riding with you again.
  4. ccontrol

    Colockum Rd. to the West Bar Gate - ride report w/pics

    Thanks Nick, I think we will give it a try and meet you at the restaurant for breakfast.
  5. ccontrol

    Colockum Rd. to the West Bar Gate - ride report w/pics

    OMT, how many miles are you looking to do? RedRider and I will probably come but my wife (his mother) is interested too. She rides a DR200 credibly but isn't a fan of the rough rocky stuff or high speeds. Any thoughts?
  6. ccontrol

    Green Dot ride Saturday May 2nd - Interested?

    How many miles were you thinking of doing and what time would you want to meet? We would be coming from the wet side.
  7. ccontrol

    handlebar risers - YES or NO????

    Ditto, see pix in my garage. Standing is much better. The feel while sitting is kinda old-school where you sat IN the bike rather than perched ON the bike.
  8. ccontrol

    Saddle Mountain (Mattawa) Cabin

    Wait till you see this puppy in your rear-view: http://www.northwestnavigator.com/index.php/navigator/region/vaq_132_129_return_to_whidbey_growler_trained/ One of the first EA-18Gs came up behind us last fall as we rode near Snoqualmie Pass. Scared the hell out of me, it sounded like a semi coming up the trail behind us. I looked up as he went over us. He was banked up on his right wing and flat disappeared down a valley. He was really, really, really close. I understand the Whidbey aircrews call the low level routes through the Cascades the "Million Dollar Ride".
  9. ccontrol

    Too Cold Blooded?

    Don't assume your advice is universal. We only get "morning sun" two months per year!
  10. ccontrol

    Malcolm Smith steps up over Kids OHV ban.

    If you have never seen On Any Sunday, you should make a point of it just to see Malcolm define the word "Smooth". Great bio-article on Malcolm: http://www.motorcyclemuseum.org/halloffame/hofbiopage.asp?id=91 :banghead:
  11. ccontrol

    Omnibus S.22 NOT DEAD VOTE MONDAY Mar 16

    Done, hope it's not too late. It's just unreasonable that we have to watch these sunsabitches constantly. They are there to represent us and instead we have to make sure they are not constantly trying to bend us over. Think Term Limits.
  12. ccontrol

    Green Dot Roads?

    Here is one of our favorite LT Murray circuits: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=491332 Don't know if it is passable this early but I might want to try this Sunday, my son has a new/old plated XR400 that needs to be ridden. Anybody have any intel on the current conditions/closures for LT Murray?
  13. ccontrol

    Noise Rules in King County

    That's ridiculous, 50 db is the equivalent of a quiet suburban neighborhood with no traffic. The cop's patrol car would have broken the law driving down the street and pulling in the driveway. I would definitely but politely ask to see the officers calibrated db meter and ask him if he was trained to any sort of national standard in its use.