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  1. Does anyone have the black plastics on there 2015+ RR's Im looking at new plastics and black is very tempting. Would like to see how it looks on bike. Not Photoshoped on. Thanks
  2. 2017 Honda CRF450RX starter brushes are the same as the 2016 Beta 2T I just rebuilt my starter using them. Exact fit
  3. ok got my parts and rebuilt the starter. The Honda brushes I ordered from the 2017 CRF450RX are exactly the same. #31201-KPC-D51 #31202-KPC-D51 The bearing is easy its a common one # 6002 series Seal is pretty common to just about any 15x25x6 will work, they sent me a 15x25x5 so i used it.
  4. Honda brushes came in today, if all works i will post a part numbers for seal bearing and brushes so the rest of you have it. Yes mine was full of water and dirt. seal was toast. Thats probably why the brushes wore so quick. Mind you it lived its first year of life as a factory race bike for a young lad here in Canada.
  5. Has anyone rebuilt the starter motor on a 2016 2T? My bearing is shot and seal is leaking and brushes are worn right down to the leads. I cant find a rebuild kit for it. Bearing is easy 6002Z, Seal i will have to source as the stock didnt have a number. Not to hard to find. The tricky part is the brushes, i think i have found them. The 2017 Honda CRF450RX uses the same brand of starter and the brushes look the same. Anyone else find this to be true? https://www.servicehonda.com/oemparts/a/hon/57f29b3287a86606ec231ea2/starting-motor
  6. Hey guys im having some graphics made for my 16 RR Race Edition and need the stock red plastics and blue on seat colors. The graphics company asked me for the pantone color and they would let me know witch one was the closest match from their pallet. Anyone have any idea?
  7. Does the P-Tech skid plate/ pipe guard work with aftermarket pipes? I have a FMF Gnarly and was wondering if it will work.
  8. 2016 250 RR-Race Edition
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    Great MX bike, Used it For XC and Enduro for 1.5 seasons. Worked well but its out of its natural element.
  10. Im 200 + Gear, my local Beta shop suggested .44 and 5.4 as betas chart shows. I went with that. I feel its not enough. I have the rear pre load almost maxed to get 110 sag. Not very happy with this. What are your recommendations? I run XC and Enduros Nov A. Also like to hit the track for training. 2016 250RR Race Edition. Wide range of terrain, sand to roots and rocks. All over Ontario
  11. I bought and installed one of these on my 250rr re, i use it to beep at slower riders in my XC races instead of yelling. I just used the speedo computer bracket mounting hole behind head light plate. Its out of the way and you wont smash it if you dump the bike.
  12. I run a Rekluse cover on my 16 250rr RE and have zero clearance issues with stock brake pedal or my new Apico pedal.
  13. That's odd that your 01 was to big for the 99, my 97 is to big for the 01. I found a few pictures last night online and the 97 and 00-01 do in fact look different, besides the width. I just ordered a 00 setup on line will have it in a week. Ill do a comparison when i have both side by side
  14. I have an 01 CR250 that took in some sand and wiped the cylinder. When i pulled it apart i found that the 01 motor was using a 97 cylinder. I also got a spare cylinder with the bike. I checked the casting number and it was in fact the correct 01 cylinder. both in the same condition. So i sent the 01 cylinder out to be replated, because everything i found online stated they are compatible but the 01 being the better cylinder . I got it back and started to assemble the exhaust valve to find that the 97 valve is to wide. So I did some part number digging and it looks like 00-01 are the same and 97-99 are the same. Is this correct? if so what is the difference? is it just the width or is the shape different. same goes for the sub valves. I work in a machine shop so if i need to mill a bit off the sides to make it fit that's not an issue. Any info would be greatly appreciated . If they arent compatible at all then im on th ehunt for a 00-01 exhaust valve assembly. Thanks in advance
  15. Yup, after looking it up on the fmf site it looks like they don't make the Stealth for the 00-01 CRs still so I was wondering if anyone has fit a 02+ on the 00-01's. How much sound difference between Q stealth vs the Q?