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  1. Hey guys, i live in Ontario Canada. I have a 16 RR 250 Race Edition. It is green plated (offroad) i would like to swap it to blue plated (street legal). I have a few questions. I know the 250-300RR's and Xtrainers are street legal here. Have two friends with them legal. But both had them original plated blue when bought new. Mine was plated green from new. I have mixed stories about you can and cannot do it. Some say once its green you cant go blue. I came across this: "I've heard and read many people say that you can not switch back to blue once you switch to green plates and offroad only (brown) ownership. THIS IS NOT TRUE. what you need to switch back: -safety inspection - affidavit describing the bike (color, motor size, safety features etc) signed by a lawyer or guarantor - picture of the "compliance sticker" which I learned is the sticker by your VIN (on the front forks for 230l) which just says that the bike was manufactured for the road and is DUAL PURPOSE. -OR if you have no sticker than you need a letter from MANUFACTURER not the dealer, stating that the bike was made for dual purpose.MTO made it clear that dealer and manufacturer are two different entities. don't know how that works with a honda...but compliance sticker is the easier Way to do it." This matches up with what i have heard from a few people. So my questions are, is the Race edition even streetable like the standard RR and I looked all over my bike and cant find the compliance sticker. Just the vin etched into the frame on the neck. If i must contact Beta does anyone have any contact info for Beta itself, not a dealer? I would love to change over to blue, i miss out on some rides do to having to ride connecting roads between trails. Thanks
  2. +1 for Langs, Robs a great guy, Great Service
  3. I like this idea, have a Beta General Forum then two sub forums, 2T and 4T
  4. They were wore to the leads. Nothing left
  5. Dont count out the 250 RR or 250 RR RE, Im 6'1" and 200lb and race a 250rr Race Edition. This thing is a tractor down low, i can chug it up just about anything with no stalling issues. Its a little more flickable in the tight stuff. When i first got it i was set on turning it into a 300 but i have no need to. Its a great bike as is. Its a little pipier than the 300 so i get my MX fix with it as well.
  6. My P-Tech skid plate came in, so i installed that. This thing is solid! Perfect fit.
  7. I want to run my MX plate and still keep the speedo so I made myself a relocation bracket. Turned out pretty good. Fit is spot on. Just need to lose all this snow so I can field test it. I may possibly make a run of them if there is any interest. Shot of the beta and the boys fourth birthday present. Going through it and getting everything in good order on it before his birthday!
  8. I had a black set of plastics i put on my old CRF450R and the a so slick when new but yes they do dull over time. But with a full graphic kit, the dulling is minimal. I wouldnt leave them blank with no graphics, it will look horrible in no time. Unless you dont get dirty.
  9. Does anyone have the black plastics on there 2015+ RR's Im looking at new plastics and black is very tempting. Would like to see how it looks on bike. Not Photoshoped on. Thanks
  10. 2017 Honda CRF450RX starter brushes are the same as the 2016 Beta 2T I just rebuilt my starter using them. Exact fit
  11. ok got my parts and rebuilt the starter. The Honda brushes I ordered from the 2017 CRF450RX are exactly the same. #31201-KPC-D51 #31202-KPC-D51 The bearing is easy its a common one # 6002 series Seal is pretty common to just about any 15x25x6 will work, they sent me a 15x25x5 so i used it.
  12. Honda brushes came in today, if all works i will post a part numbers for seal bearing and brushes so the rest of you have it. Yes mine was full of water and dirt. seal was toast. Thats probably why the brushes wore so quick. Mind you it lived its first year of life as a factory race bike for a young lad here in Canada.
  13. Has anyone rebuilt the starter motor on a 2016 2T? My bearing is shot and seal is leaking and brushes are worn right down to the leads. I cant find a rebuild kit for it. Bearing is easy 6002Z, Seal i will have to source as the stock didnt have a number. Not to hard to find. The tricky part is the brushes, i think i have found them. The 2017 Honda CRF450RX uses the same brand of starter and the brushes look the same. Anyone else find this to be true? https://www.servicehonda.com/oemparts/a/hon/57f29b3287a86606ec231ea2/starting-motor
  14. Hey guys im having some graphics made for my 16 RR Race Edition and need the stock red plastics and blue on seat colors. The graphics company asked me for the pantone color and they would let me know witch one was the closest match from their pallet. Anyone have any idea?