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  1. sm501

    Oil Pump Needed!!

    she's just a plant holder now. a powerplant actually!
  2. howdy all, I seized the engine on my 99 yz400f during my last supermoto race this winter and i am currently waiting for the last part... the oil pump assembly. i have everything else- new crank, all new bearings, piston, replated cylinder, water pump, rings, gaskets, shims, a freshly flowed head!... but, the oil pump assy is holding everything up. I have talked with Yamaha corp. and the ship date has been moved even further back, now they are saying april 20th... anyway, i am now going to miss the first 2 races. and though i realize that this now an older bike and yamaha cant have everything in stock.... i REALLY need a new oil pump! so, my question is: does anyone have any idea where I could get a new oil pump (5BE-13300-00-00 also, fits 00-02 yzf426 99 wr400) any help would be appreciated!
  3. sm501

    Infineon practice today?

    well, i didnt read the post this morning.... so, i drove up to Sears around 1 pm. Too bad it was cancelled, when i got there it was partly sunny and the track looked ok. oh well, next time. so, Darrick, when is the next event at Infineon?
  4. sm501

    Pictures from Sears Point 11.28.2005

    thanx for the pics brett... except mine! i must have done 100 laps and the only picture u have of me is with my mouth full scarfing down a sandwich