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  1. cataclasite

    Valve Spring Kit

    I recall RH saying the trick to making his awesome springs work was making spring retainers and seats. Did he make those for you?? I got my valve seats ground and lapped for very cheap at a local shop.
  2. I dont know all the good spots - far from it in fact - but I can say that from Salt Lake there are some good spots 40 to 70 minutes to the west off I-80. Delle and the Knolls. There is a technical track near Tooele, 35 minutes from Salt Lake. Peeps ride at Delle and Knolls all winter, weather permitting. For more ideas, try here: http://motoutah.com/ridingguide.php And if that doesnt work, consider skiing ( ) - the plates here don't say 'Greatest Snow on Earth' for no reason!! Good luck.
  3. cataclasite

    Valve Spring Kit

    He told me the OE springs should be OK with OE cams when I bought the valves from him. But he didnt have the spring seats ready to go at the time, IIRC. They should be awesome springs!
  4. cataclasite

    Valve Spring Kit

    I am running Ferrea valves with OEM springs, guides, seals, seats. If I were running hotcams I might have popped for better springs.
  5. cataclasite

    Split this forum?

    Don't split it!!! Its the same bike either way! Some of even go both ways. Almost for sure my DR-Z, currently a dirt bike, will see 'sportsman' class motard asphalt track duty next year, and will be switched back and forth between a cheap motard and a solid dirt bike.
  6. cataclasite

    Blown motor, need help!

    thanks Neil! You helped for sure
  7. cataclasite

    Blown motor, need help!

    Thought I would close out this thread with the good news that my blown DR-Z 400 is now a raging, reliable 436. I replaced all the bottom end bearings, new crank assembly, Luke's Racing 436 kit (JE 12:1 piston, cylinder replated by Millenium Technologies, Ferrea valves from Ron Hampton, new OEM valve springs and seals, seats were ground and lapped by a local shop. I cleaned up the cam journals with ultra fine paper and scotchbrite and checked the tolerances, which were OK. I took the snorkel off the airbox and changed the jetting to burned's awesome recommendations (1 step down on the main, 1 step richer on the needle, and a turn or so richer on the screw, IIRC; I am at 4500 feet altitude). I repacked my Yosh slip on, and put it back together - with a new manual cam chain tensioner. The only thing I DIDNT touch was the water pump, and of course it started leaking after the rebuild. that was fixed by replacing the coolant and oil seal on its drive shaft. I changed the oil and filter 3 times in rapid succession after getting it running again. I have run the stuffing out of it a few times now with no problems. The thing is way stronger than before its near-death experience and is a joy to ride! Hopefully it will last for many hours. Thanks for all the help guys!
  8. cataclasite

    crankcase gasket??

    Thanks 10guy. You know I wondered about that but had the idea in my head that I pulled a gasket out of there. Obviously I should just have taken a look in the manual..... Guess I am dumb not blind
  9. cataclasite

    crankcase gasket??

    OK, I probably am blind or just dumb, but I can't find where to order one. I don't see it in the O.E. microfiche. All I have been able to find is a Moose complete gasket set from Parts Unlimited. Thing is, I am doing a big bore so I dont need the top end gaskets in a complete kit. So the question is, how have you guys gotten them in the past?? Thanks yet again!
  10. cataclasite

    Athena Big Bore Kits

    Luke also told me "450". The reason is that the kit isnt a 95mm piston any more, its now 95.5 - I forget the details as to why. That extra 0.5mm boosts the displacement to 446 (compared to 443.7 for the 95mm). Details, details! FWIW Ron Hampton got me a set of Ferrea valves in just a few days.
  11. cataclasite

    mod'd DR-Z400 Jetting questions

    Thanks for the help burned! Cant wait to get her back together!
  12. cataclasite

    Lukes Racing

    Isnt there a 12.8:1 JE 94mm piston? Part number 63-899 from White Brothers? Is that actually what Lukes Racing uses? I was just on the phone to them today too but forgot to ask (duh). FWIW they told me MT does their plating, with MT's limited lifetime warranty. UPDATE/EDIT: I just called Luke at Lukes Racing again and he checked on the 94mm JE piston CR's. Looks like there is a typo in the WB catalog - the JE catalog shows it as 12.0:1 CR. Also, I had a thread out on CR last week (http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=285714), and a couple people (burned and Freewheelers) said they are running over 13:1 CR w/o problems on 91 and 92 octane pump gas. burned is over 14:1 as i recall, but he is at altitude; however Freewheelers is nearer to sealevel.
  13. I am putting my DR-Z400 (kicker) motor back together with the configuration listed below, and I am wondering how to go about jetting it. I am new to this, and tried some searching of threads but its seems its specific depending on altitude and mods, so here goes. Thanks in advance!!! 94mm big bore - 12.8:1 compression I think Yosh slip on restrictor/snorkel removed from airbox everything else stock (39mm FCR carb, cams, crank etc) altitude = 4300 feet minimum, most riding at 5000 to 9000 feet Searching around on threads, I have gathered that the Dynojet kit is the place to start? Then with my altitude and mods do I need to substitute anything for whats in the DJ kit? Screw settings?
  14. cataclasite

    motor compression at altitude question

    OK, so it sounds like based on your guys experience (Freewheelers and burned) I should be able to go 13.5:1 w/o issues? Thanks for looking in and replying!
  15. I am about to order a big bore kit for my bike and need to decide on a compression ratio. My question is how does the altitude that I ride at figure into the operation of the motor and hence my choice of CR. Basically, I am wondering whether I should/could go with a higher CR than if I rode at sealevel - and have the same performance + reliability + longetivity on pump gas. Here is my thinking: I live at 4500ft and do most of my riding at 4500 to 9500ft. Air pressure at 4500 ft is 14 - 15% less than at sealevel, so the total pressure of the air/fuel in the cylinder in a 13.5:1 set up will be about the same as in a 12:1 set up - right??? So will I have the same (lack of) pre-detonation etc. w/ the higher CR that I would have with the 12:1 at sealevel???? Again, I will be running 91 octane (thats what we got here) pump gas, and I want a motor thats strong but isnt finicky and can deal with temperature variations and plenty of riding. Anyone know this stuff upside-down and backwards and or have experience w/it? Burned - you da man, and youre at altitude!!?? Thanks a bunch folks!! I appreciate the help!