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  1. PNEFF

    TT'ers at the Vegas Endurocross

    Yeah both my parent will be there. I'm number 96 on a black KTM 450. I qualified for the vegas night show in 2005 and this year have made the night show in Denver and Oklahoma. Vegas this year is going to be huge and really tough so hopefully a couple of us Washington guys can make it through the Friday carnage and race with the big boys Saturday night.
  2. PNEFF

    TT'ers at the Vegas Endurocross

    Me, Brandon Johnson, Eric and Maria Forsberg, Teddy Hahn, John Beal, Corey Floyd, Brenden Ritzman, and I'm sure other riders from Washington will be there that I dont know about. None of us are invited so we will all be riding the Friday qualifiers to try and make it into the Saturday night show.
  3. PNEFF

    Divide trail #1172 info needed

    Ive ridden the divide trail from the 70 road on my dualsport. And somehow I ended up coming down the Christoff trail. I dont have any maps so im pretty much lost at all times when im gooning around up there. I would love to learn that area better.
  4. PNEFF

    Tuff as Nails Harescrambles

    Is there any way to UN-Points this event?
  5. PNEFF

    Tuff as Nails Harescrambles

    This race being part of the NMA race series really makes me mad. How can we showcase the speed of Northwest racers when we add races like this halfway through the season, and schedule it the same day as the Straddleline WORCS race. Who is the brains behind this operation???
  6. PNEFF

    Buttstomper 24hr, Goldbar WA - this weekend

    Team Mt Baker Motosports- Paul Neff, Aaron Wilson, Brandon Johnson, Brandon Gjernes.
  7. PNEFF

    Evans Creek next Monday

    Me, my dad, and my sister logged the lower loop. Still too much snow on the upper stuff. Bring a saw if you go, youll need it. Paul Neff
  8. PNEFF

    Trials bikes?

    Go to pugetsoundtrialers.com They are usually up for that kind of thing.
  9. PNEFF

    ISDE New Zealand

    The Poker Run was cancelled because it was to much work and with all the expenses the riders werent making much money. Me and Mike Bronn are having an Open Motocross practice at John Beals track in Monroe. Also there will be a huge bbq and an auction with lots of cool motocycle stuff. More Details in a few days.
  10. PNEFF

    ISDE New Zealand

    Yeah Mike is on the senior team with Jeff Fredette and Alan Deyo. Other Washington guys are Teddy Hahn, Brandon Johnson, and John Seehorn. Rory Sullivan and Mason Harrison are going from Oregon.
  11. PNEFF

    ISDE New Zealand

    I made it through the qualifier series and qualified for the World Trophy team. I have team USA shirts for sale and a fundraiser or two in the works. If any of you guys would like to buy a shirt let me know. They are 20 dollars. Im putting all my effort this year into six days and am going for gold. email me for shirt details at paulridesbikes@yahoo.com Thank You Paul Neff
  12. PNEFF

    Questions about Offroad racing in Washington

    The race scene here is alright but the people that race and support the races are the best. Most harescrambles are way better than worcs races. By better I mean tighter and tougher. We do only have one desert race. The enduros are kind of struggling right now, we only have a 5 race series. Hopefully some land will open back up north and we can get a few more good harescrambles next year. The real racing is up in Canada. They put on some epic races that are definetely worth the drive. Whenever you do make it up here get a hold of me, I live in Puyallup and ride and race all the time. Paul
  13. PNEFF


    I got a team going and cant wait until the 22nd.
  14. PNEFF

    Evan's Creek Anyone have an Update

    Me and a freind of mine logged out the lower loop. The upper loop is unridable due to snow. My dad is logging out today with a freind of his. It will be a little while before the upper loop is open.