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    OUCH! Its cool fellas! I didnt mean to come off harsh, I reread my post and Im sounding kinda like a prick. Especially since nobody here knows me (as far as they know)... My 300# sled thing was referencing 70s machines that had less parts and used lots of aluminum. I think my 77 Rupp Nitro was like 365#(?) at 70something horsepower. I know newer ones are heavier and more powerful. Apparently I also didnt take into account the amount of body heat youd make fighting two wheels in the snow. Just that I take breaks on a sled and it gets COLD after a few minutes. I DO wear -30 rated boots and I dont have problems being cold and I dont see how riding boots and a pair of socks could keep your feet warm but if you do it then you do it The videos looked cool I guess. If I had spare money Id try it out... maybe. I bet I could REALLY get into that snowhawk! I thought I saw a link in that thread you linked to about a 600 sled racing a 250(?) I coudnt get it to work. I was hoping nobody was claiming to beat one on a bike... As for passing on the trail, they were probably wanting to see &%$#@! that skinny thing was back there. I guess a sled couldnt cut corners like a bike tho... Either way I can understand the novelty of it, but for the most part Ill stick to my sled when the snow flies. Theres something about the way they stretch your arms when the traction is good. I know you were in this for the legality thing, I DID give some input regarding the DNR around here. They have been getting VERY picky the past few years and they will stop you quick if something doesnt look right i.e. wrong color sticker etc... Anyhow thnks for the welcome Ive been browsing TT for a while even tho I do ride a 2smoke. I like the local boards best. And if you insist.....Ill try to be a little more tactful, maybe even stay on topic... [/hijack] -J
  2. Michigan

    And one last thing. I wouldnt even THINK of challenging the DNR on something like this. Youd better check what the current rules are. They will FOR SURE stop you if you dont have #s + a sled trail permit. And I guarantee you will not be outrunning a snowmobile on a 45hp converted bike.
  3. Michigan

    IMO those conversion kits are going to be a waste of money. The snowhawk600 thing looked kinda cool but a converted bike is going to be turd. If you are goin to be playing around in somebodies backyard then go for it but on a sled trail they are going to be way out of their element. Even the 70s sleds weighing in at around 300lbs were pushing 70-80 horsepower And thru a CVT. Shifting 45 horsepower is going to get you nowhere in the snow. Besides that the amount of gear you will need to keep somewhat warm without a windscreen and heated grips, etc. LOL, Id like to see somebody kick gears with -30F rated winter boots on. Shoot Id go out and find an early 90s machine for $1000-$2000 or even vintage sled for $300 before Id waste time and money converting a bike.