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  1. I'm not too good, but i gave it a go!
  2. I only wish that someone would rename all of the torrent links on mininova to feature the series (AMA MX - so they are shown in a list) the year, then the round number/class. Becuase having files labled 'Redbud 125's' is going to become a bit confusing next year...
  3. http://www.mininova.org/get/90166 I've got a feeling i'm being a little slow. But i've not seen this link on here yet. I didn't make the torrent, but i just found it over at mininova. enjoy.
  4. There are a whole load of guys over her in the UK (including me) who really appreciate it. Thanks alot!
  5. Thanks, really apreciate it!
  6. We really appreciate any of you posting the races up here, i always pass the link on to mxtrax.co.uk which is the main uk forum. We don't get any TV coverage of the us nats in the UK now its all moved over to OLN When is the next round due on US TV?