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    103 H.P. Off Road Machine?

    Ok everyone this is getting out of hand... The new Buell is for Street or FIRE ROADS ONLY!. It is not intended for complete off-road use. And for those that know nothing but rumors about the Buell line.. prepare to be enlightened... since 2003 when the XB series bikes came out on the market, the Buell line has had EXTREMELY limited problems w/ the bikes.. it is one of the most reliable street bikes on the market. The Tube frame models (pre 2003) were prone to failer due to pushing an older style engine (XL sportster motor) to its breaking point. In 2003 Buell introduced the XB style bike.. newer improved motor, Fuel in Frame design, oil in Swing arm, WHY people ask, well to lower weight so center of gravity is not so high up on the bike. The bikes are NOT stright line draggers like Gixxers, or Busas. They are Cornering bikes.. they will corner like nothing else. I highly advise that instead of bashing the bike that you know nothing about and are just going off rumors, go to a dealer and check them out. And the Buell line has a VERY difficult time selling due to the fact that HD owns the company and requires them to be sold in HD dealers.. who 7 out of 10 dealers do not want anything to do w/ the line of bikes because they are DIE HARD harley riders....... Hence the reason Buell's are known as Harleys Evil Twin. There company (buell) decided to eliminate the line from dealers who had NO interest to sell or even help premote the bike line. There are many Dealers who gladly sell the models. Please stop in w/ your helmet and other gear and take one for a spin... They will blow your mind w/ the HP and Torque from that old V-twin. and you are right it is 103 at the crank, but there is plenty of power in that engine to keep you pulling past the Gixxers in the corners...w/o dropping gears. I own a 2002 Buell by the way, 33,000 miles and the problems that i had are zero to none, My bike has NEVER left me stranded.. never broken down on me. I put 12,000 miles on my bikes YEARLY, and in Michigan that is quite difficult. I have owned Ninja's, Interceptors, and a shadow... they just didn't put a smile on my face like my buell does. I plan to keep buying the Buell brand due to the Pure fact that they are machines dedicated to keeping the ride ENJOYABLE and exciting... I am sure you will bash the snott out of this.. be my guest... but please don't give opinions on a subject you know NOTHING about.....