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  1. nanoonanook

    XR650 'R' versus 'L'

    Forget it. This guy wants 'useful' comments when he should be able to figure this stuff out from his own riding tastes and abilities. He doesn't need an L or an R. He needs a riding lesson more than anything. I'm not going to waste my time on him or these types of arguments any more. If he read through enough threads, he could've gotten the general idea without bugging anyone. He's going off to do an MA, so he doesn't even have time to ride. Why waste our time? My school's done dude, but you're just embarking on it. Knuckle down and forget about it.....better yet....just dream about riding anything other than a desk chair with four castor wheels DUDE !!! You need to relax. For the record, I don't think I'm going to be needing any riding lessons anytime soon. I've been riding since I was 8, I'm 28 now. JUST because someone may be new to your forum does not mean that they are a newbie. I've been riding street bikes and sub- 400cc. dual sports and MX bikes. I was hoping to get some 'useful' comments on the big-bore bike market that I have ignored until very recently. I tried to search the forum, but what I came up with was the longest, most starbuck laiden threads where after 2 hours of reading did not amount to a great deal of information, hence the question. It does appear to me that this is a great on-line community with more than it's fair share of ribbing. Nothing wrong with that, just not what I'm used to. Thanks for the comments again folks, they are apprecitated. AW P.S. My school's done dude, but you're just embarking on it...... You may want to get off this horse 'DUDE' you have NO idea what you are talking about and it's irellevant in more way's then one.
  2. nanoonanook

    XR650 'R' versus 'L'

    Whew....take a day off and look at all of the conversation I've missed!! This is going to take some more reflection on what my needs/wants really are. Good thing I've got loads of time to think about it! A
  3. nanoonanook

    Dual Sport for Beginner

    Hey there, I'll throw my vote in for the XT350. I just sold a 00 with 7000km for 3000. (All Canadian sorry !). It would cruise at 60mph without problem and off road decently. It weighs in at less than 300lbs so it's easy to move around. As mentioned earlier, the technology has not changed so if you can find a low mileage older model, it will be a heck of a lot cheaper and more or less the same. You may also apprecitate the lower seat height. Great mileage too ! The only real draw back would be the kick start but once you figure it out, it's not a big deal. Good Luck
  4. nanoonanook

    XR650 'R' versus 'L'

    Lovin' the thread thanks everyone ! -- I can't ride the 'L' or the 'R' to school as it's a 400km (one way) commute ! ...... long story short, 2 day's a week, 9 hours a day for 11 months to get the masters degree, staying in a motel one (maybe 2) nights a week in Buffalo. -- What I want is a bike with enough nuts to be able to handle 200km road trips, gravel roads (not the nicely graded crap.... water runs, single lane, twisty, swamp on both sides, no winter maintaince roads) as well as double track, as much single track that I can find (not much around here.... mostly snowmobile trails). I'm guessing 60 trail, 40 dirt or county road. Gotta be honest.... I'm really leaning towards the 'R' given the 'useful' comments posted. Thanks again everyone..... a particular thanks for not mentioning the coffee chain that appears to be popping up everywhere !!!! cheers, AW
  5. nanoonanook

    XR650 'R' versus 'L'

    Thanks for the quick replies everyone. BWB63, I think you've hit the nail on the head w.r.t. answering my questions. Thanks ! I did have a good read "why the 'L' is the best bike" but I.... how do I say this nicely..... found the info. rather lacking and I was craving a coffee after the read for some funny reason. On the plus side, I do have some time to make my final decision...going back to school for a career change, 20k and a year later let's hope I get a job! See you around everyone. Thanks again. AW
  6. nanoonanook

    XR650 'R' versus 'L'

    Howdy all, Newb to this forum (coming from ODSC forum as there seems to be a more bike specific community here) and I was hoping that I could pick your brains w.r.t. the primary differences between the XR650 'R' and 'L' models. Some specific questions to start and please feel free to throw in your own..... potentially biased comments ! I have read that there is a fairly large compression difference (10:1 versus 8.3:1) not to mention the liquid versus air cooling. How much will this effect real world horse power when both bikes are uncorked? On that point, I have read tonnes about uncorking the 'R' but can one uncork the 'L' to the same extent? 50lbs difference ! When blue plating (street legal) the 'R' how much weight does one add to do this? I'm thinking a bajadesigns headlight kit, new battery, small blinkers and one mirror... am I missing anything? Is there an after market electric starter for the 'R' ? Thanks for all of your comments, I have enjoyed lurking around... learning lot's already ! AW