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  1. drdano, thanks for the info
  2. thanks for all the replies. i think we are going out there tomorrow afternoon (thursday) if anyone is interested.
  3. I have heard you can ride east of the 15 fwy near the temescal canyon exit in South Corona. Anyone know where to park and where you can ride? i recently moved in the area and would love to find it. Thanks steve
  4. i'm sure you love the 450x, but knowing what you know now, would you stick with the 02 450r for my situation?
  5. i am looking for opinions on my next bike purchase. i know i am going to buy either an 2002 crf450 or a 2005 crf450x. i need the green sticker, so it really limits my choices for crf's. i ride 50% trails, and 50% track. those of you w/ the 450x, have you gotten any track time on it? if i was going to ride only trails, then the choice would be easy. i know that it is a tough comparison, but what do you guys think?
  6. how about someone in cali? best otd price i've been quoted is $6450