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  1. MR-MOTO

    My regret for buying a Pitster

    a good time was had by all . glad we got to meet up and go riding even though i was a bit on the late side . we plan another racetown day in a few days though or maybe a trip to competive edge's opening day .
  2. MR-MOTO

    pit bike question

    the pitster is the very top of the heap as too the imports followed by RC motors,extream,UPC and thumpstar ,a very good choice if your not able to throw down thousands for a modded Honda . if you want something hand built try a gpx powered staggs built race bike. good luck in choosing .
  3. MR-MOTO

    Pitster chain guide

    the staggs fits nice and it is top quality and the price is good too. the sikk mx is also a good choice .
  4. MR-MOTO

    Team TBOLTUSA race update ~ SoCAl Edition

    hummm the weather man is saying ''RAIN'' on monday,but that will keep the water truck outta the way!. we should be there in the ''demonic dually'' or the ''evilanche'' look for the t-boltusa banner.
  5. MR-MOTO


    Marry X-mas To All .
  6. MR-MOTO

    Pitster aftermarket exhausts

    the 06' pitster pipe is longer then most honda based pipes . the 05' pitster pro uses a common style honda based pipe , i run a two brothers racing pipe on my 05 pitster pro . i have yet to try an aftermarket pipe on my 06 pitster pro 125x but i know the rear mount will have to be moved towards the front of the bike .
  7. MR-MOTO


    before del mar VINCE @T-BOLTUSA and DAN @ CROWER POWER cammed my ''team T-BOLTUSA / PITSTER PRO '' 05' gpx powered pitster and ran dynos. these dynos are allover i'm suprised you've not seen them . the end result was a crower power cam rejetted carb and two bro pipe put just a smidge short of 10 horse power at the REAR WHEEL not the crank as some people show and brag about . contact VINCE @ t-boltusa or DAN @ crower power for a cam . VINCE is hard a work bringing more hop ups including the stage 1 and 2 motors allready out and ready to go. check them out .
  8. MR-MOTO

    reliability on Pitster pro

    pitster's are very good for the price , and they last under racing conditions too. the gpx 124 motor are hard to beat ,great trans,great clutch,lots of power and hi-po engine kits are ready to ship @ T-BOLTUSA as well as lots of upgrades . my 05' has been raced all year and had very little problems ( crash damage ),held up well and ran at the front a lot too . call vince @ t-boltusa or gary @ pitster for the best deals and great customer service after the sale .
  9. MR-MOTO


    I just wanted to take the time to say ''THANKS'' to the following top notch people who helped me out this year . VINCE @ T-bolt usa a good sponsor and a great FRIEND,who is tireless when it comes to the racing community. GARY @ pitster pro for lots of help and lots of parts. JEREMIAH @ staggs racing for kicking down lots of great parts for thrash testing ( and they last ) . MIke @ the magic rideshop for banners / stickers ect. and a shout out to t-bolt team riders ''scott / charlie / seth '' the rest of the so-cal crew . and last but NEVER least the lovely MICHELLE ( mrs moto ) for putting up with all this mini bike stuff without losing her cool. we'll see you on the track in 06' . enjoy the ride.
  10. MR-MOTO

    Santa List For A Pitster

    foot pegs and peg mount . pipe and cam. pro tapers and grips. gas!!.
  11. MR-MOTO

    Has anyone ridden the RC125SX(pit bike)?

    rc motors are moving toward the top of the china made race bike class fast along with upc / pitster pro / xtream as top contenders . rc fields a full race team each week and doe's quite well at times.
  12. MR-MOTO

    these are my options up here. need help.

    they're are several factors in have something made in china vice taiwan ,china's bikes/parts are sometimes quite nicely made BUT look at something made in taiwan and it's head and shoulders above china's . an example would be my buddy's drz 110 2005 model with a ''made in taiwan R.O.C. '' sticker on it anyone think drz's and klx's are junk ? i think not . and perhas yamaha has parts that comprise the ttr 50 made in china so what ? taiwan so what ? it's still a yamaha so you have first rate dealer support and factory backed service ect. if you buy a quality name brand china made bike you'll get a good bike IE: XTREAM / PITSTER PRO / RC MOTORS UPC are all first rate bikes made in china now pick up a bike at a swap meet and ......... well you get what you pay for JUNK and NO DEALER SUPPORT . a friends brother just bought a BMS pitbike ( of bms pocketbike fame )for like $950. at the local indoor swap meet rode it twice and it fell apart and no dealer to help him , no service hot line to call so after many days of seeing what would fit and fix it and problem after problem it was sold for $ 450. a costly lesson learned .
  13. MR-MOTO

    It ain't Elsinore but it's still fun.

    several years ago it snowed for a few days in the high desert ,we took a 55 gallon barrel full of water and towed it around smashing down the snow hard pack and had races WHAT A BLAST ,and man i was dead tired the next day snow riding is way harder then it looks.
  14. MR-MOTO

    Pitster Pro Holeshot!

    yea charlie would be throwing down in vegas too bad he's still a lil guy. vegas will sell out even with the 18+ rule so pre-register or you'll be out of luck like several of us were last year (05') . the cost went up a lot to $100. per class too.
  15. MR-MOTO


    you got it!! we have a stage 1 crower power motor in my chicks 05" pitster pro and i plan on a stage 2 plus lots of head work in my 06' pitster pros gpx motor.