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    94 xr100 clutch problems

    basically I would like to know if the leak could be due to the clutch problems, IE any seals near the clutch assembly that could have blown out and either caused the clutch problems or be caused due to the clutch problems, because it didn't start leaking until the clutch started giving me problems. I haven't gotten the chance to really do anything about it yet or look, because I work too much, all I know is it's puking all over the place.
  2. turbodreamswrx

    94 xr100 clutch problems

    Hey guys I posted a couple months back and got no reply so I'll try agian. I have a 94 xr 100 that I've had for 8 years...Bike has run great no problems, but lately after riding it for a little while my clutch will start to slip, and now after it's been sitting it's puking a some sort of oil all over the place. Does anyone have any explanation for the oil puking everywhere...And does anyone know where I can pick up a new clutch without having to spend too much money. I still ride this for fun but not a lot and I'm not looking to dump a lot of money into this thing....I will be doing all the work myself, I'm a licensed A&P mechanic but I have never worked on a dirt bike before so I have no doubts on doing the work but any advice or tips would be helpful...Thanks a lot
  3. turbodreamswrx

    XR100 clutch and leaking problem

    Ohh yea I forgot to mention the bike shifts great when you first start running it, but after about 10 minutes that's when it starts getting bad and not shifting right into gears.
  4. turbodreamswrx

    XR100 clutch and leaking problem

    Hey guys I'm new to this forum, and I've been having problems with my 94 xr100. I've had this thing since I was 13 so about 8 years now, and it's been running great. But Finally It's been sluggish going into gears and lately it's been leaking shit on the ground after a short run, since I don't ride it for very long anymore. I have a feeling the clutch is going so I looked on ebay for parts but all I saw were clutch plates and rings. Was wondering if you guys know where I could find good parts. On the other note, the cylinders were run dry at one point, and we brought it to the mechanic to get fixed, and ever since then It's been running shitty and I have a feeling they didn't fully fix the problem, but it still ran so I never bothered to fix it. Now It doesn't burn oil like crazy but it has been leaking lately but oil levels have stayed up. I'm wondering if anyone has noticed this problem before or not? Could this be a blown head gasket?