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  1. I actually just got a new case saver in the mail today. I definitely would have after seeing those photos. Brutal..
  2. Thanks for the responses everyone. I just put a short screw in to keep the mounting holes from getting plugged up and zip tied the two wires together. Going to give it a shot for a bit and see what happens. guess I'll check for the case savers also.
  3. Hey all, Living in GA it's is wet and muddy typically, especially now in the spring. Where I ride are some power lines and a few trails through the woods down by my house. My issue is that I get a ton of mud and pine straw, leaves, sticks, etc. stuck in the plastic cover that goes over the front gear. This can't be good for the chain being run through this muck during a day of riding. The only way to get it clean is to remove the cover as most of you know. My question is, has anyone just removed and left the cover off? I'm sure it serves some sort of purpose, but i'm thinking the mud and crap getting somewhat cleared from the gear far outweighs the benefits of the cover. What have you done?
  4. Mrd pro comp pipe and jd jet kit installed. 3x 3 mood also. Pipe install easy. Getting those stupid screws out of the float bowl, a few sour words were spoken. Put about 3 hours into it overall, including pipe and jet kit. Don't forget all those pesky vacuum hoses, but it turned right over and runs like a champ. Super happy so far. Not to loud, no worse than the fmf slip on for the 650 I had.
  5. Just put the mrd on and the jd jet kit. Butt dyno says kick a$$ power. Not to loud, but I've been riding in the city, so I'll see once I get in the woods. Hopefully Saturday. Have to take advantage of the warm days in the winter. Extremely pleased so far.
  6. There is a ton of threads on here about this. After a pile of reading and research I went with mrd. Should be here any day.
  7. Really interesting site. Quite a difference of opinion from his view point to the factory view point. I like his better.
  8. Nuff said. Pipe and jet kit will be on order today. Thanks for the responses. I've been dying to move forward with this.
  9. Just got a 2016 DR-Z400S from Mountain Motorsports in Atlanta, GA. I had a DR650 years ago and really enjoyed working and playing with jetting and whatnot. I only have 250 miles on it and have been upgrading basics for trail and street riding. Simple things so far, new bars, bark busters, fender eliminator, new tires, simple stuff like that. I want to make sure the engine is broken in before I start the important stuff like pipe and jet kit, but my patience is starting to wear thin. Knowing the huge improvements that this makes, I am having a hard time waiting. What is everyone thinking for a time line? It runs fine and does well for my skill level, but, like I said, I know the benefits of doing the upgrades. How much longer should I wait? Impatient!!
  10. Either I got lucky, or it isn't that bad. Put a new Pirelli MT-21 front tire on today, took probably 20 minutes total. I was expecting much worse after reading on the issues most had. Taking the Deathwing off was no problem. Putting the valve stem in was probably the worst part of the change. Used lots of soapy water for the remount. This helped a ton. Putting on the new tire probably took 5 minutes. Yippee for me. the only thing I question I have now is the balancing. The rim was balanced from the factory. Big weights all over the rim. Rode after the install for about 10 miles through the city and it seemed fine. Off to the woods next weekend. This will be the test.
  11. Just put on the Pirelli MT-21 on the front of the DR-Z400 Have a basic 3 spoon kit I got a while back. Getting the Deathwing off was no problem. Super easy. Putting on is always the issue. People are using WD-40 and window cleaner as the lube. I'm sure they work well also. Here is what I did. Put about 2 big squirts of dish soap in a tupperware bowl and put about the same amount, maybe a touch more of water in the bowl. Took a small foam brush and mixed it up real well, took the solution and wiped down the bead and the edge of the rim with a generous portion. Make sure you keep it wet while spooning the tire on. Took about 10 miniutes. No issues. I was expecting the worst after reading some posts. Tire inflated well. No pinching of the tube, thank the lord.
  12. I got my FMF from Jesse also. Like everyone said, it is louder, but only when you really get on it. You are going to want to get the dyno jet kit with it and the extended fuel screw to really make it worth your wild. You will see increase but the jet kit lets you totally dial it in. Just make sure your holding on when you twist the throttle with it..
  13. hey Krazyinski, that is a bad ass light set up. I saw the other buell light set up but i like the petiteness of yours better. Where did you get it?
  14. thanks BCRider and everyone else. This will give me a great starting point. I will let you all know what happens.
  15. A little off the subject, but I've seen several times people talking about cutting .5" off the slide return spring. What exactly does that do to how the carb and bike runs?