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  1. but i'm not a jew, i've only jewish ancestry! and i readily eat pork! the orthodox don't know what their missing!! what was stupid? jason is captured and sent to a secured mental hospital wherein he attacks his Doctor who alerts security, but a rather lax security man refuses to attend because he'll miss a football game he's watching. What's stupid about that?! it always amuses me this kind of comment, morons always spout it! wrong, you'd have wasted them anyway, by browsing this forum for a further inconsequential 3 minutes - both ways a waste of time
  2. i disagree
  3. Please click the link below and check THAT out!!! Notice the author of the post also. ok, please can you movge this thread there? i shall post in the new forum from now on
  4. moron, it's not all i do. did that video having a running time of 'all the time'??? clearly not, it took three minutes of my time from the moment you were born time started to waste...i'm only adding minutes to the years of waste you've already wasted!
  5. Now, as most of you know, i've aspirations to be a film director, specifically a horror film director. So here's my sequel to Friday the 13th. Once again, i've had to play all three parts (Dr, Jason, Security guard) as i have no-one else willing to have anything to do with my productions. video here -
  6. no. i prefer to remain intact! he has. it's finished So says a small, so small mind...
  7. Hello again. My critics can rejoice as this is my final photo-comic/montage! Hurrah! See you in the videos
  8. Hello. I've made this mini Dr Who adventure and sent it to the BBC with the intent to get myself cast as the 11th Dr Who. video here - do you think i've got a chance????
  9. The marvellous thing about ThumperTalk members is that they tell me, frankly, what they think best reactions for me were:- and thankyou both, so very much
  10. Hello! I've made this video that attempts to show that a few people are as odd as each other, in their own different ways.... Yes, it's Dr Greenstein once more tending to his patients requests. video here -
  11. hello. i'm hoping to be an entertainer. to that end i've made a video of two clips that show me performing. what you think. video here - please add honest comments
  12. i've got this other video of me pretending to be a redneck.... i'll upload that and see what you think.
  13. seems like a bad idea to which there can be no good end.... i won't bother finishing it.....
  14. hello. i've made this video but don't know how to end it. it's based on that Serpent comic i made a few weeks back. the story is a man stays in a hotal that has a demon possesssed toy cat. any ideas? video here -
  15. belated happy christmas to you! here's my latest photo-comic:-