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  1. Gusano

    '08 KTM EXC450R Questions

    Just got back from a dual sport ride on my 08 450excr. Live in San Diego and was rippin around the NAS Miramar area. Very happy with this bike. Have had 525, 03 and 06 EXC and XC. (and a KXF 450 also). This new style motor is definately less vibration than the old style motor. Power is fine. Very smooth, quiet, and idles very smoothly. I have the KTM radiator fan installed and recommend it. It was on a couple times today crawling through the tight stuff. Bike is very nimble and tracks very well. Very tall also. I'm 6'2" and it fits me but may be a bit tall for others. Trans is wide ratio and has a gear for everything. Seemed a bit wide for the moto track I was on, but perfect for everything else. (Even the freeway gettin there) Cruise at 70 no problem. Your #5 question is not clear to me. Old style engine shared oil throughout the engine. Clutch contaminates the oil and that can be a problem. New style seperates crank and tranny. Eliminates old problem. (you other KTM guys can correct me if I'm wrong here). New style engine lubrication should work better than old style. I bought mine used, but it included a (5) year warranty and spare set of supermoto wheels !! You should buy one now !! Next years will cost more.
  2. Gusano

    1988 ATK 406 for 600 bucks

    Bought one of these in 1990, all white. One of the worst bikes I ever had. Typically had new bikes every year from 1979 on. Any 250 moto bike of that era could out power it. Could never get it to settle into turns with the linkless suspension. Could smoke the brakes in (1) moto. Cluth pull was way to hard. Crashed alot on that bike trying to do things that normal bikes of that era would do. Friend bought one the same time as me cause they looked cool and different. His ate pistons at least (3) times. I could barely sell the bike a year later. Still looked good, but everyone was on to them by that time and had to almost give it away. (Reminds me now of Cannondale) Probably OK trail bike. Not trying to bash.. Just lettin ya know.
  3. Gusano

    SDG step seat

    I've been trying to get one for 6 months. Last I heard was manufacturing problem.
  4. Gusano

    '75 CR125 Elsinore

    If the tank is green/silver, its not a 1975. 75 had orange/silver tank. Its either a 74 or a 74 tank on a 75. When this bike came out it destroyed all other 125s and some 250s.
  5. Gusano


    Went to Amago right after heavy rain the night before last year. Could barely turn around the truck to get outta there without getting stuck. Was not ridable. Got our money back and went to Cahuilla instead.
  6. Gusano

    Chain/ sprocket questions

    I never thought I would say this but I am really happy with Sidewinder chain and sprockets, (trimoly). Have always used Renthal, Sunstar, etc, and they last awhile then its time again to replace. I bought the Sidewinder just so I could say I tried them once. Truly they dont seem to wear after initial chain strech. (Which was very little). Have been on the bike for six months. Cost alot more, but one less thing to worry about. Looks good too. Their chain lube is real good stuff. Cost alot more and stays on / in the chain way better than anything else. Holds true, you get what you pay for. My pals are ordering them now cause their stuff is toast and mine is like new.
  7. Gusano

    Best choice

    I changed over to Wiesco due to all of the stuff I was hearing about the stock piston / pin. Had 30 + hours on stock piston. Stock looked fine and was like new. Heard the same bad stuff about Wiesco from friends, but I think that stuff was from back in the 2-stroke days. Have to wait and see. Did see some talk of the higher compression piston working well without the need for race gas. Check it out
  8. Gusano

    Did spider grips change?

    On my second pair now. Neither of them had that pattern. Like em, but they do wear out quick.
  9. Gusano


    Hope you don't think were all like that. Allot of us are very aware of how big the world is and have no problem enjoying great racing no matter where and who it is. I think having the next MXDN in the states will open the eyes of many in the U.S who don't realize that others have the same passion for moto like we do. We still remember when the "Euro's" would come over here and smoke us back in the Trans-Cal series. Its all good.
  10. Fastest guy today. Give the guy credit.
  11. Gusano

    San Diego

    Barona is close but rarely worth going to if your riding a big bike. IMO. Track is designed and caters to mini-cycle and 125s. Current track layout is not fun for a 450. Track conditions were bad last time I rode there and that is typical . The worst thing is the seperate times for classes. Ride for 15minutes and wait 45 till its your time again. I have had good times there in the past, but not many. Cahuilla is worth the drive. Night and day difference.
  12. Gusano

    Glen Helen 2006 parking

    Park on the main road. Bring your bicycle and lock it next to the accessories booths. Been doin this for years. In and out FAST !!
  13. Gusano

    Pro Circuit's Piston

    Does this piston / compression require race gas?
  14. Gusano

    Cahuilla MX Anyone know whats up?

    Both tracks were open on Sunday. Main track watered good, Vet track had slight sprinkle of water. Did (3) laps on Vet. Don't waste your time there. Not prepped and really dusty. Main track was in good shape except I wonder why the large banked turn is gone from bottom of the first downhill. That was one of the best parts of the track. I asked the girl in the booth what happened last week. She said they were going to modify the track but either equipment or people did'ent work out.
  15. Gusano

    Anyone been to Amago MX lately?

    Thats the last time I rode their also. Swore I would not go back. There is a thread in this section of people who have been going. Sounds to me like things are no better than before and the jump faces have cut down. None of my group has gone back so I have no info other than the internet "monkeys". Have to probably see for yourself, but if you check that thread it dosent look promising.