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  1. mars

    KTM kickstarter lever bolt stripped

    I am working on a replacemnet bolt, yes its a pain KTM or dealers cannot spare or take the time to find a replacement part. It is common to clean/lube all kickstartes leavers if you what them to last anytime.
  2. mars

    GPR v1

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me the distance between the mounting holes on the stabilizer? Ex. X------------------X If anyone could tell me the distance between x's from there ceters that would really be great. I'm trying to create a mount.
  3. Has anyone converted a GPR v4 to a top mount? Im looking to do this with new bike and im trying to see it can be done.
  4. mars

    Worth it?

    I dont ride extremly tight stuff, but im worried that ill spend all that money for the damper jsut to find out its annoying to ride with.
  5. mars

    Worth it?

    Thanks! but what about hare scrambles or enduros?
  6. Im just looking for that extra bit of opinion on whether or not i should get a GPR V4. This is the only damper I am considering, so please no war on which damper is better. I just simply want to know, is it worth it? My bike has all the off-road essentials i need, the damper is the one thing that i dont have because i never thought about it much. For those of you that are from texas, i ride the Toro, tccra and torcs off-road races. So again, will this damper help at this events? Will it make me less tired? and the most important question of all, Will it make me more comfortable and in turn help me progress to the next level?
  7. Sorry yet another Damper question. So I was pretty set on buying a Scotts unit but the more saw pro racers bikes the more i notticed GPR set ups (probably sponser related). I know the Cons and Pros of both..what i want to konw is which is better for Woods/enduro/cross country racing? Also i have a KTM so i have about 4 differnt bar positions..will i be only limited to one position once i mount ether unit?
  8. mars

    Revalve help!!

    anyone with a FC off-road ravalve on there bike on this forum??
  9. mars

    Revalve help!!

    So i was wondering who i should send my suspension to. The bike is a 2010 250sx. I race off-road races similar to a GNCC i guess. The races i do have tight technical sections with rocks and roots and fast sections with loads of g-outs. I really want my suspension to be plush for off-road but still good for the MX. Right now it is very harsh in off-road conditions, im assuming because it has suspension set up for MX. So I was thinking ether send my stuff off to FC or Dicks Racing. Opinions on the work these to do would be awesome.
  10. mars

    Broken/chipped hip

    but did your function and mobility of your leg all go back to normal?
  11. mars

    Broken/chipped hip

    well yesterday i went riding at my local track everything was goin good until i hit a G-out and it catapulted me off the bike. The crash it self was probably my worst one but i think i would have walked away, but ofcourse my bike had to land on me punching a hole in my skin and chipping or breaking off a chunk of ilium crest(top part of hip bone). im pretty sure it was the handle bar because the hole was the size of a handle bar end lol.(No damage to bike tho!! ) After failing to save money and drive myself to the hospital i rode in the ambulance Anyways after x rays the doc cleared me. he was just like you need no surgury and sent me on my way. At this point i was so puzzled because i can feel the bone moving but all the nurse said was just rest it and it will heal on its own. so ill be out for 6 weeks. But i just wanted to know if anyone has had this injury before and if so how you delt with it. any help would be awesome. thanks
  12. mars

    Jetting help

    yeh thats true well alright im gona give that a try thanks man
  13. mars

    Jetting help

    is this the jetting with the pipe on the bike? and for the leak jet did you get a honda flowt bowl
  14. i just bought a pro-ciruit pipe for my 06 250sxf on ebay the other day. so im not the best jetter at all, so any help would be awesome at least something to go off of. also if anyone has had experince with this pipe on there bike can you let me know how it is? thanks thomas
  15. mars

    Husaberg oil pump...

    try www.husaberg.org and see what they say. mars