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  1. exhusky

    93 DR650 clutch

    Before you spend money for a new clutch, take it apart and check the thickness specs and the basket for wear. Lots of times using the wrong oil will make it slip some. You may just need to clean it and use oil made for a wet clutch system. Keep the hundred bucks in your pocket.
  2. exhusky

    I dislike purple very much.

    The paint made by Krylon called fusion is supposed to bond into plastic and stick like crazy. I used some to paint my hand guards and touch up the mirrors. It doesn't flake off when bent, but I suppose it could get scratched off by trees, gravel, blacktop, etc. I hope to keep the ride on the rubber.
  3. exhusky

    NO Fuel? Wont run!!

    I don't know how you determined that the carb is getting fuel, but unless you have the petcock on prime no gas will flow without a vacuum on the petcock. If you had it on prime and pulled off the hose to the carb and gas flowed, there is one more place for a block. There is a small filter in the carb where the gas hose plugs on. This thing grabs the gunk that gets in the tank. Pry it up out of there and blow it out with air. My 94 would run a while then die. Let sit as gas slowly seeped thru the filer and it would run again until the float chamber emptied. Found the filter by luck.
  4. exhusky

    Need Good DS Tires

    I put Maxxis 6006 rear on to ride an enduro. The tire is inexpensive, doesn't howl on pavement, and sees to hold in corners real well. Can't say about lifespan yet, but I can say the DR sucks as an Ohio enduro bike. Too heavy, too fast, and too powerful for real mud in the hills.
  5. exhusky

    Early chain death! Causes?

    A new chain usually has a few stiff spots until it get a little run time. If yours is claimed to be new and seems unbroken in, that is a good thing. The sprocket can have a little in and out play, especially if it is held on by a clip instead of the bolted plate. If it turns on the shaft, that is not good and you should check for some wear.
  6. exhusky

    Trail Tech Computer install DR650

    The Trail Tech- Lynx is what I run. Had to make a bracket for the sensor and bolted it to the lower hole of the brake cover. Put the magnet inside the edge of the hub with J_B Weld. Every thing works OK except the thing would not go to enduro mode until it gets to about 35- 40 degrees. The wires and computer mount are fragile and the crimp connectors seem loose, so don't pull on the wires and be careful of the little clip that holds the computer in the mount. A plus is, the company replaced everything fast and free. It does not interfere with the speedo at all. You can definately run both.
  7. exhusky

    Oil in my DR650 question

    Check out this oil info site. Best I ever saw on oil. motorcycleinfo.calsci.com/Oils1.html
  8. exhusky

    Can I use a 520 fr sprocket with a 525 chain

    Somebody awhile back said they went to 525 because all the crotch rockets and street bikes use it. Why buy two sizes?
  9. exhusky

    Chain - when to replace

    The pointers are right on about testing the chain. O-ring chain will make that kind of mileage but you probably are pushing it's life now. A lot of life goes away when run in mud, sand, and dust so if you stay on-road, you last longer. If a break down will leave you in the boonies-- Change it. I find that any stretch will take the sprocket teeth over and if you just change the chain, it will go away fast from the worn gears.
  10. exhusky

    Ohio Enduros

    Sorry, I didn't answer the question. I have a 94 DR650 with Trail Tech Lynx computer, roll chart, clocks, and GPS. DOT knobbies are installed and sprockets are 15 front and 46 rear. Also put in new clutch, all the dyno jet- airbox- Supertrap mods, stiffened the front spring , new fork oil with seals, and stuff I can't remember. The bike is ready to go. Working on the body.
  11. exhusky

    Ohio Enduros

    I don't know anything about it at this time. No info on the net yet. My attitude is 1. if it is too damned hard-- I quit, 2. I'm over 60, but in good shape and won't hurt myself, 3. Trying to win the thing doesn't matter-- I don't give a shit. Any buddies have to deal with that.
  12. exhusky

    Ohio Enduro

    Anybody going to ride the enduro in Chillicothe, Ohio on April 9? I'm hoping to and could use somebody to ride with. Kinda' new to enduros. If that one doesn't kill me, there is another in Athens, Ohio on June 4 that I plan to ride.
  13. exhusky

    Ohio Enduros

    Anybody going to ride the April 9 enduro at Chillicothe, Ohio? I'm hoping to and could use someone to ride with. Kinda' new to enduro. If that one doesn't kill me, there is another in Athens on June 4.
  14. exhusky

    Pirelli MT21 on DR 650

    The Trailwings suck really bad on anything wet off the road, but are quiet on the pavement. I put Maxis 606 rear on with a Kenda front and road sound is very close to Trailwing. My buddy has a set of DOT knobbies, I don't know the brand, but the howling is loud enough to make you think something is wrong with the bike. Both are DR650. The Maxis is good in the grass of my back yard but trail tests will come with better weather-- Ohio you know.
  15. exhusky

    94 DR 650 3 questions

    The stock front sprocket on a 94 DR is 16 t and rear is 42 t. This ratio is very high for anything but road racing. It is probably why the clutch is slipping. I changed my (94) clutch and the plates looked good in it also, but the springs were shorter than spec so I replaced them too. Worked great, but I also change the sprockets to 16/46 t. That ratio is OK for dirt roads and easy trails, but for enduro I will run 15/46. I don't know about rejetting with your pipe but the advice about watching plug color is on the money.