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  1. YZippy

    dirt shops good at suspension work?

    Hyperformance Cycles. In Woodstock or Dallas I think. Mark, the owner, is on Georgiaoffroad.com forums as MXTuner. Hit him up and look that site over as he has an impeccable reputation and can provide references.
  2. I pinched the "forks" closer by 2mm, cleaned the carb, and started running Startron in my gas and did away with my bog issues totally. Startron combats the negative effects of ethanol. Pinching the "fork" on the AP link shortened the duration of my AP squirt. Easy stuff and my 01 runs like a champ now
  3. YZippy

    380sx many questions

    But will the MXC or EXC flywheel fit with no mods? THe flywheels for 380 MXCs and EXCs are on e-bay and are much heavier than the stock SX Flywheel. I'm just not sure if the timing and ignition firing would be altered and not work.
  4. YZippy

    380sx many questions

    Will the EXC flywheel fit on the SX or do you have to get as flywheel weight?
  5. YZippy

    The most spooge you'll ever see... Why?

    Try cleaing and reapcking you silencer. Could be the culprit. Was for me once. Good luck
  6. Really.. And what dumbass is gonna spend 2K to ride a track for 20 minutes? I don't buy any of this.....
  7. YZippy

    Let's see your ktm's!

    No 08, but here is a pretty cherry 94 300e/xc
  8. YZippy


    THere is another 300 thread on here. Read that one. I think the concensus is the 300. Of course we are on the pinger forum, but....
  9. YZippy


    I can go about 50-55 miles on a 3.2 gallon tank. Your milage may vary;)
  10. YZippy

    exc vs wr

    Grab it!! You'll be unstoppable in the woods. I don't care for the Rekluse on an MX track, but since you, probably like myself, spend more time in the woods...go for it. I know a guy who rode 1 weekend a month for 4 years and still was within spec on compression! Buy it. Ride it. Be happy:ride:
  11. YZippy

    exc vs wr

    Count me in also. I went from a 400 to a 300e/xc and am lovin it. The 400 was waaay better on an MX track, but a little suspension work has helped close that gap. The 300 is a million times better in the woods. Almost as much grunt without the weight and starting issues. Go for it..
  12. YZippy

    what premix oil do you use?

    Same here. Burns very clean and smells good too! If I can't get Mobil One I go with Honda or Yamalube. 40:1
  13. I have a 94 300 and love it. You'll have to spend some money on a fork revalve if they are stock. Parts aren't too hard to get, but you can't just run to the corner shop either. Think about it and if you get it PM me and I'll give you some pointers.
  14. Everts DID kick Bubba's ass. Check the lap times over the course of the race. Bubba turned his fastest laps at the END of the race. He was attempting to reel in Everts who promptly turned up another notch. The lap charts don't lie. Bubba tried. Everts responded. Bubba had nothing for him. I'm sure the idea of a non US rider actually being fast is a shock to you. Thankfully you wern't paying attention when Jean-Michel Bayle was laying waste to US MX.