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  1. Is there a difference besides price ? Anyone have experience with either one on there crf 250s? What do they do that makes it any better than just using a JD Jetting or kit ?
  2. Meet you guys there at 8am or catch a ride with 450x22.
  3. I have been wanting to try a family enduro myself. I'll have make room on the calander for this one.
  4. I use to four wheel with my Toyota club at Eagle lakes. The scenary is awesome. Real rocky in sections. Might be interesting doing it on a bike.
  5. I am looking at hitting Georgetown with you guys. Its still early in the week, but it looks clear so far. I'll watch the post to see what you guys are doing.
  6. Deer creek was great riding! It reminded me that I need to do more workout other than riding. It kicked my ass ! Would be a great place to hone and polish up my riding skills. Especially if I wanna try some of the D36 races. Scott and Jason thank you for coming along and helping me remember where everything was. It was great to meet you guys and hope to ride again together. I'll head back there with you guys anytime.
  7. Should be fun !! See you guys at BK in the morning.
  8. You guys are gonna start a Tundra Trend in here. Careful now Toyota trucks are contagious... I know I have one. Congrats to both of you guys !
  9. I knew you woulodnt have the Ford for much longer. You got a I sweet deal on the Tundra. That must have made it easier to pick it over the Tacoma. Well Congrats. Now you need a bigger step stool !
  10. LET IT RAIN ! LET IT RAIN ! I hope it does, I wanna ride Sunday. Come on rain. Praying to the motorcycle gods
  11. I'll have a new tube put in this week, so I am up for a Sunday run if anything happens.
  12. Looks like a blast. Damn I wish I didnt change my tire Saturday and punture the only 2 tubes I had. Guess I'll have to make the next Chico run.
  13. Like these guys said dry, hot, and hardpacked right now. There are a few trails in the back that are nice. I have a lil loop that I run there when I dont feel like going far to ride. I get there early and ride til 11am and leave before the heat and the crowd.
  14. Hanging out in Manteca.
  15. Good day. Dusty but good. It was great to meet you guys and ride with you. RJ, hang in there. We all had to start same place your at. I give it up to you you keep on going. With that attitude you'll be the level you wanna be in no time. Again sorry bout the twisted knee. I'll see you on many more rides. Curt, Thanks for the tour. I see why that your favorite place to ride even if its in your backyard. I cant wait til it gets a lil rain up there. That place is gonna ripe. I really liked that last loop we went on. Had all the stuff I like. Thanks again RJ and Curt for my first TT ride ! Alan PS let me know what you guys do next time.