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  1. Hitch22

    wont start / backfiring...?

    Have you lost any compression?
  2. Hitch22

    wont start / backfiring...?

    I would start by checking the valves. Even with perfect jetting and a clean carb the bike will not start with tight valves. How many hours on the bike?
  3. Hitch22

    Bought an 08 KX450F!

    I haven't got to ride mine that much, but I hope to put in some solid laps this sunday at Southwick for open practice. I can't wait!
  4. Hitch22

    Bought an 08 KX450F!

    Don't forget pre-ride checks like greasing, tighten spokes, etc. Congrats on the new bike though! I just bought a used 08 with about 4 hours on it...I love it
  5. Hitch22

    Guess what the dealer quoted me!

    That's a true story!
  6. Hitch22

    Guess what the dealer quoted me!

    I would definitely check at 20 hours too, but wouldn't think they needed an adjustment. That is a pretty steep price they charged you though.
  7. Hitch22

    Guess what the dealer quoted me!

    With only 20 hours on the bike im surprised the valves even needed adjustment:thinking:???
  8. Hitch22

    The official KX450F picture/video thread!

    Sweet pics! I have to post some pictures of my new 08 soon...
  9. Hitch22

    Going to look at an 07, anything I should consider?

    GnarMachine...I've got an 07 for sale with an athena 290 kit if your interested! Check my garage for pics...The thing spotless, I'm only selling it to get a 450.
  10. Hitch22

    temperature stickers!!!!!!

    Nice, thanks! What are the average temps your bikes run at? Ive got an athena 290 kit in mine and it seems to run a lot hotter than it did before.
  11. Hitch22

    temperature stickers!!!!!!

    Any body have any pics??
  12. Hitch22

    Im Stumped 250F or 450F Kawi?

    That's the best way to go if you got the money:thumbsup:
  13. Hitch22

    My new (to me) 450

    That bike looks brand new! I'm jealous because I'm looking for something exactly like that...Nice track too
  14. Hitch22

    The virtues of the Hour Meter

    mxaaron...thanks for the pic. Is it worth is to buy the mount to mount the hour meter right on the gas tank or just mount it on the frame or something?
  15. Hitch22

    The virtues of the Hour Meter

    What type of hour meters do you all have? I'm looking in to getting one for my bike and would like to know what ones are dependable...Also where is the best mounting location, anyone with pics possibly??