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  1. There's nothing wrong with that, rezrider however - this system eliminates the need to compress your forks too heavily; since you're using the rear wheel to secure the bike. Handle-bar tie-downs aren't used if you look closely. Not compressing the forks for that long drive to the ride area has to be a good thing for your forks seals, right? I used to travel to an area frequently which involved about 20km of rough gravel roads; which had the bike jumping on the trailer. Tying the wheel down does reduce this, but tying down 3 bikes in the trailer isn't as easy. Once you've used these I don't think you'd look back. They also use system this for sportbikes. I agree though - each to his own - these aren't as cheap to buy as "normal" tie-downs. It's good to see how different people come up with these ideas though eh?
  2. CrazeeDave

    Trailer Pictures Only

    No - I had a specialist trailer company make it for me.
  3. CrazeeDave

    5x8 trailer Q&A

    8x5 works for three:
  4. I use these: http://www.motorcycletiedownpro.com/ video clips here: http://www.motorcycletiedownpro.com/site/1436030/page/625171
  5. CrazeeDave

    Trailer Pictures Only

    Thanks mate. I would have liked to have an enclosed trailer for the toys, but having an open trailer gives you more options for usage (thus justifying the expenditure....) It fits a HP2 (l-o-n-g wheelbase) and the XR400. It has been designed to accommodate 3 dirtbikes for a good weekend's riding. The tow vehicle is up to it: 260L of diesel (over 1000mile touring range) upgraded engine mgt system & heavy-duty offroad remote-reservoir suspension from "Old Man Emu" 3.5T towing capacity 3.5" stainless exhaust twin air-locker diff-locks on-board air compressor (handy for trailrides) secure tool stowage ....and lots of other bells-and-whistles Landcruisers are popular in Oz...with good reason Cheers, Dave XR400 (I had to buy one of the last ones) HP2 (rare as $3 bills nowadays...)
  6. CrazeeDave

    Trailer Pictures Only

    Here's my personally-designed heavy-duty offroad trailer: Storage for 6 jerry cans (20L fuel or water containers) Twin-ramps (good enough for quads) are stored underneath the trailer. Hyland 360Deg tow coupling Heavy-duty Landcruiser axles & Hubs matched to the Towing vehicle (Turbo-Diesel Landcruiser)
  7. CrazeeDave

    lets see your xr in its natural habitat!

    Had a soft spot for the XR400; realised they were weren't going to import them anymore, and bought the last in in Perth (Western Australia): List: Vortex Ignition (mapped for mid-range) Pro-Taper Bars & bar risers Barkbuster Ego barkbusters UniFilter Airfilter Ballards filterskins (for longer rides) B&B Bashplate B&B standard exhaust baffle endpiece B&B Rear disc guard B&B Speedo spacer Goodridge braided front brake line Acerbis DHH Headlight Acerbis Cyclops headlight Acerbis 24L long range fuel tank Acerbis Folding mirrors (useless but legal) IMS gearshift lever IMS Pro series footpegs (Pivotpegs on backorder...still being tested I believe) Works Connection Frame Guards Chaingang Rear Sprocket (they never seem to wear out) Chaingang Heavy Duty Chain Ballards Case Saver ASV unbreakable Levers (Clutch/Brake) Compflo washable oil filter BRP Billet Triple Clamp Scotts steering damper (submounted using the BRP triple clamp) Trailtech computer (Digital speedo) Galfer Wave Front Brake Disc Racetech Gold Valves Eibach Fork Springs Eibach Rear Spring Ohlins Rear shock (yet to be fitted) Here is it new: on a ride in desert trim: The dash: In it's natural habitat: Cheers, Dave XR400R 2005 BMW HP2 2005
  8. CrazeeDave

    dsa-racing on ebay

    I've had the same problem with this guy. I'm not going to say too much until I receive the unit - let's just say though that the service is less than ideal, in comparison to other eBay vendors in the USA thta I have dealt with (I live in Australia) Cheers, Dave XR400R 2005
  9. CrazeeDave

    xr400 subframe

    ..or this racing subframe: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/HONDA-XR400-AC-RACING-SUBFRAME-XR-400-96-04_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ35585QQihZ002QQitemZ4615428789QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWD1V
  10. CrazeeDave

    xr400 subframe

    G'day I found this on eBay; thought it may be of interest to you considering your options: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/HONDA-XR250-XR-250-XR400-400-SUBFRAME-SUB-FRAME-96-04_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ35585QQihZ005QQitemZ150053980524QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWDVW Hope this helps. Cheers, Dave